Moving Tips & Tricks

for a Stress Free move!

Our Tips For Easy Moving

No matter how many times you do it, moving is an unpredictable process. Luckily, we have some tips to help! Whether you’re moving into an apartment or out of a house, here are five terrific tips that are sure to assist you with your move:


Mentally eliminate what you can’t pack yet:
Write down all the things you’ll need until you move to your new home. This will help you eliminate items that can’t be packed right now.


Start organizing early:
Gather up any items you want packed into a particular room, then pack them in a box labeled appropriately. This will help when moving day finally arrives. If you can, look around and categorize things based on type, even if it’s nothing more than size. Maybe “office: large items,” “bathroom: towels and washcloths.” A mental (or a written) inventory can help you expect the unexpected when the leftover things come up.


Grab a few more boxes or use your luggage:
There are always small things left over after you think you’ve packed everything. With a few more boxes, you can box up those items you simply forgot to consider. Trust us – you’ll need them. Luggage is also a great way to conveniently transport those smaller things that you may not feel comfortable putting in a box, like your laptop, your computer gear – even vases and pots.


Label more specifically:
Sometimes one part of an item will fit in one box and the other component might end up in a completely different one. If this happens, take note of it. Label your boxes generally based on type – but also note on the box (or maybe in your phone) that a charger, or the top of the crock pot, is packaged separately.


Make preparations the night before:
Moving day may be stressful, but it could be even more so if you have to organize things at the last minute. The night before, move all your boxes close to doorways. You can move furniture toward doorways as well.