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One of the most common complaints made by consumers with moving companies is the lack of customer service. This is especially true when it comes to furniture delivery. Often, companies will promise you an awesome view of the city and then deliver nothing but low quality furniture pieces.

Like tipping a pizza delivery guy or hairdresser, however, tipping a furniture delivery person isn’t required, but it’s always appreciated. In most cases, furniture delivery companies charge a flat rate for delivery and outsource the work to a local, third-party delivery company. This means that they have no incentive to deliver your furniture in top condition and/or with little or no cost. However, like the pizza delivery guy, if you don’t like the job they do on their jobs, you can usually get a refund or at least be informed of what to do next.

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A good furniture company is going to help you from the time you call them to the time you receive your furniture in its delivered state. You should be able to schedule this kind of service either during your normal business hours or, if you’re closing up for the night, on the same day that you schedule your pickup. Ideally, the furniture should be delivered in two-hour delivery window, so that if you need it, you can get it. Most companies, if they have the capacity, will deliver the furniture the same day you place the order.

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If you prefer delivery in two-hour window, the furniture will be delivered as one solid piece. Sometimes, however, because furniture assembly is sometimes more difficult than simply shipping it in a large box, they may need to assemble the furniture into a few smaller pieces. Either way, this is done quickly and efficiently. It will take anywhere from two to three days to complete the assembly, depending on how much work is involved.

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When you decide on a furniture assembly or delivery service, you should make sure they have a convenient way for you to return the furniture if it doesn’t look like you want it. This will save you the headache of having to go through a long process just to return the assembled item to them. Some companies offer you a choice of either a curbside delivery or an item return window. If they have both these options, the furniture is usually ready for you to collect when you arrive. If you have a company that only offers the one-way option, they may arrange for a driver to pick it up at the factory and bring it back.

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For more information about the furniture company, check out their website. Sometimes, they have photos of their furniture samples, which can give you a good idea of what their prices are and how quick they are. You can also get more information about the company, such as who ships their furniture, what their shipping policy is, and whether or not they have a toll-free telephone number where you can get a live customer service representative. Some companies even have a sit down chat option that gives you the opportunity to talk with someone about your furniture needs and see if they can recommend a company that meets your individual needs best.

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One advantage of using a furniture delivery service is that you don’t have to assemble the furniture yourself. Many people think that assembling something that is shipped from far away is very difficult, but movers know exactly how to fit all the furniture pieces together without creating any additional stress or wasting time. Once the furniture is delivered, all you have to do is pack it and take it with you.

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You can save both time and money by choosing a preferred delivery team. If you live in a small area, there may be several different transportation companies that specialize in local deliveries. If you live in an area with many national chains, you may want to contact them for their local delivery services. For example, if you live in Belaire Cove, but you often visit Louisiana, the preferred delivery team for that city may include a truck that is out of state that will deliver the furniture directly to you. By choosing a preferred delivery team, you can make sure that your new furniture is delivered as fast as possible and that you don’t have to assemble it yourself.