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Furniture shipping has been one of the most popular trends in home moving since the turn of the millennium. The furniture industry has been experiencing a significant backlog in their supply chain, leading to increased delays in furniture delivery timeframes. Meanwhile, furniture movers have been doing all that they can to rectify the situation, but unfortunately, the problem is not going away anytime soon. Here are some details on how to move furniture by yourself:

When choosing how you want to move furniture, one of the most important factors to consider is the transportation method. Most people choose to use an apartment delivery service for residential furniture, but what about all of the small, delicate items that you need to pack and load? The first step in any furniture-picking process is addressing these items first. If you are in an apartment, one of the best options for furniture delivery is to use a furniture warehouse. These warehouses often house all of your furniture when you are ready to move it to your new home, allowing you to be sure you’ve packed everything in your limited amount of space.

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Another option for furniture delivery is using a cargo delivery service. Cargo companies will deliver your furniture directly to your new home. If you prefer, you may also choose to ship all of your furniture through a Pandemic suite. With a Pandemic suite, you’ll get a whole shipment of padded storage containers that are filled with enough padding to protect any fragile pieces of furniture. These containers are specially made to keep the full weight of each piece of furniture from cracking or damaging when it’s delivered into your home.

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Before you plan ahead for furniture delivery, you should also plan ahead for other purchases. When you order other items, such as furniture, it’s important to make sure you have space to store the purchases when you’re moving. If you don’t plan on storing the items you want at home during the move, you should also check and make sure any local retailers’ stores are open when the move is occurring. Some retailers will close down their stores during inclement weather, such as a hurricane. You may not be able to find the exact item you want, but you can get a similar style that is still top quality. That way, when you need the furniture again, you won’t have to spend hours searching for it at another store.

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If you’re experiencing any kind of furniture problems or delays, you should call your company ahead of time and ask what kind of services they offer to help with the move. For instance, furniture retailers that offer Heaven on Earth Moving Services LLC delivery can help you avoid extra charges from having to re-stuff a room. The average person can suffer from headaches and backaches when moving, so you need to be prepared for the situation.

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Many of the things people complain about regarding furniture delivery can also apply to custom delivery. Sometimes, your furniture will arrive late because of the size of the truck it was delivered in, or perhaps the box it was packed in is smaller than you expected. Other times, you might get a faulty piece that requires some extra work to be done before it can be shipped. When these things happen, you might be tempted to simply pay more for the item to be fixed, but most companies offer a refund or replacement policy. This way, you’ll be sure that you’re getting what you originally ordered.

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Other common things to encounter with local couriers include having to wait two-hour windows. Two-hour windows occur because couriers have to pack and unpack the furniture. Ideally, furniture should arrive on one of these two-hour windows, so if you don’t see your furniture within one of those two hours, you might want to keep searching. Some couriers do have extra inventory available during certain times of the year, such as Thanksgiving, because they are often hired to transport large amounts of holiday merchandise. If you want your furniture to arrive in the same place that it arrived from, check ahead to make sure there will be a two-hour window available when your order is placed.

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Amazon also offers great customer service for their online shopping cart, so if you have any issues with your Amazon order (regardless of the reason), there’s a chance that someone will be available to help you out. Amazon also offers coupons and discounts for their shoppers, so keep an eye out for those as well. By using these tips, you can avoid delays and avoid paying more than you need to for your essential items and furnishings.