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If you’re a first time mover, you may be a little nervous about packing up your home and loading it into a truck or a trailer for transporting. Great Men offers several options for moving furniture. Whether you want to move just one or several pieces of furniture, Easy Furniture Moving makes moving everything easy. With special truck mounts available you can move many pieces at a time with minimal fuss.

Great Men is a fully licensed, insured and bonded company. They offer over the road moving, local delivery and pickup, and rush services. Great Men helps you find furniture movers nearby you, so that you don’t need to struggle up the stairs or pull down that cumbersome dresser to hoist your favorite pieces of furniture. Professional moving experts use their moving blankets to make moving furniture easy, whether you have a small, light piece or a large, heavy antique.

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Great Men offers professional moving experts that are prepared to help you from top to bottom. You’ll feel comfortable communicating with one of their expert team members. You will discuss your furniture moving needs, and the experts will come up with a plan of action to take you from beginning to end. Once your belongings are safely on the truck or in the warehouse, the professionals will be there to make sure that your items are moved to the location that you want.

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Many people have heard of professional moving companies; however they may not know much more than that. That’s where a good local furniture mover comes in. These individuals have experience moving any type of item because they spend their entire life moving things around. They understand what can and cannot be moved using different methods and have taken this experience and knowledge to the moving market. By knowing the ins and outs of how to move furniture and where it needs to go, these movers are prepared to take on any job and have a team of skilled professionals ready to help move your items.

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Furniture moving can be time consuming, but if done correctly, you can reduce the amount of time it takes you. Local furniture movers that have taken the time to learn about the industry and hire staff that are knowledgeable can move your items in as little as one day. Furniture movers offer moving blankets that are made out of strong, durable material that is designed to move your furniture without causing any damage. These blankets are made to withstand anything the truck can during the move; even the strongest trucks can break down under the weight. The moving blankets are made to move your furniture one piece at a time and rest on each piece as the truck moves it.

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Furniture moving is not only better for the environment; it can also save you money. The less time you spend moving your things, the more time you have to spend on your family. Furniture movers use synthetic material for their moving blankets and furniture pads. This synthetic material is stronger than natural fiber and will not tear easily. It is also washable and will not get weak or dirty in any way. Most synthetic materials are non-allergenic and may even be good for your pet’s skin.

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Furniture moving companies use four main types of moving pads or blankets; the roller, the swivel, the solid fiber and the Chevron pattern. The roller is the most common and can be used with almost any truck. The roller is usually made from a thick, strong, yet lightweight polyethylene foam rubber. It can be used in conjunction with moving blankets that utilize a Chevron pattern for extra comfort and extra strength.

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A swivel is designed to move with the movement of the truck and the load. It is made from a heavy-duty vinyl fabric similar to moving mats but is thicker. This will prevent the bedding from moving around on the furniture pads. The solid fiber is a combination of fiberglass and polyester/oxygen fibers bonded together under high heat and pressure. It is a stronger than average moving pad and is designed to withstand the worst moving conditions.