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Full-service furniture delivery simply means that a truck is scheduled for delivery to your home, the furniture is unpacked/unpacked/assembled in your new room where you desire it, and then placed right where you like it. This is usually the highest-grade experience when it came to furniture delivery choices. However, full-service means a whole lot more than just having your furniture delivered. It often includes having your furniture damaged during transportation, having damage while unboxing, and having damaged furniture once it’s inside your new home. That’s a huge amount of stress and hassle, that’s why many people are looking into more affordable full-service moving services.

Affordable full-service furniture delivery isn’t quite the same as cheaper options like having a moving company to pack and box your belongings for you. Most movers quote prices according to the convenience and speed of delivery. You should also know that cheaper moving companies may include other things like putting your items into large plastic dumpsters that will not be accessible until the movers arrive. In some cases, your furniture will be put into the dumpster alongside junk. Because movers quote prices based on their schedule, you may not even know what will be happening to your items until the movers have unloaded your home and unpacked everything again.

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A full service moving quote includes the complete process of moving your furniture from your current residence to your new home or office. Depending on how fast you need the furniture delivered, some movers will include this in the quote. Some movers will quote a one-hour window of time that allows for delivery within the two-hour window. Two-hour windows are often a preferred option because they allow time for unpacking and loading into your vehicle. The delivery date is an additional option if you have any preferred dates for picking up or retrieving the furniture. You can sometimes arrange for the furniture to be picked up at the last minute; however this is done on a case by case basis.

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Furniture can only be delivered on the correct delivery date. If you require the furniture to be delivered for July or later, it is highly recommended that you make this date known well in advance to ensure that arrangements can be made prior to the date of delivery. Furniture that is delivered on a July or later delivery date must be assembled and disassembled correctly to ensure it is properly packed, not damaged in transportation or during unloading in the receiving yard. If the furniture is damaged during transportation, it will be sent back to the store where it was purchased, which means you’ll have to pay for the shipping cost all over again.

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For full service, there are several options. One way, you may call or go online and find out how to make the reservation directly with the manufacturer or distributor. Another way, you can contact them via email or phone and ask questions. When calling or visiting their store, confirm that you’re also making the delivery on the specific date that you have in mind, as many manufacturers have last minute reservations. A simple wayfair online search should give you the information you need to reserve furniture for your home this summer.

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There is also a fast, but pricey, solution. Many full-service retailers have a last-minute delivery window that they operate during. The furniture will be delivered as fast as possible, but the price is higher than regular two-hour delivery windows. This price can be as much as one hundred dollars. For homeowners who are willing to pay this price, it’s worth it to get the furniture quickly and put it away until the next season. The downside is that there isn’t always a two-hour delivery window.

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For those homeowners with larger furniture needs, some local retailers have a curbside delivery service. It’s possible to place your furniture on the furniture delivery trucks, which will then bring it directly to your front porch or back yard. Some deliveries do arrive on the same day, while others take several days. This option is usually more expensive than having furniture delivered directly to your home, and many local retailers don’t offer this service. If you have large furniture needs, it’s worth calling and asking if the retailer offers this option.

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As you can see, it pays to shop around when looking for furniture delivered. The fastest way is to order online and use a two-hour window. If you’re not sure if the delivery company is reliable, try calling or visiting their store before placing your next big order. You never know, you may be able to save money by having furniture delivered instead of being required to assemble it on your own. No matter how you decide to get furniture delivered, be sure to take the extra time to do some research and select the best company to provide your next furniture purchase.