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A furniture delivery service can be in your favor, especially if you live alone or need assistance moving and putting together your new purchase. However, here are several other important points to think about before finally completing a furniture purchase: The size and shape of the furniture you choose are important, but so is the transportation method. You’ll want to take precise measurements of your room beforehand, so that when furniture movers start packing away your goods, they’ll have a clear idea of the size limitations they’re working with. This also means you can ask for specific types of furniture to be shipped in more sturdy boxes than others.

Furniture pieces vary in weight, too. Some are extremely light, which makes them easier to move, but you’ll have to make sure any fragile pieces are protected during the move. Also, you must carefully evaluate how much packing material the moving service offers. Some pack more than others, and those little differences can make the difference between a successful move and one that’s a mess. Furniture should be packed using the right materials and using sturdy packaging.

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Make sure any new furniture delivery services you use safe packing methods. Most companies are required by law to provide proper packing for moving vehicles, and it pays to check them out carefully. If you have any doubts about how your chosen moving company packs items, check and see if your state regulates its moving profession.

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Most furniture companies offer a full range of packing methods. If you have any questions about what’s available, ask them. Not all moving companies are experts in all packing methods, so be aware that not all packing methods are appropriate for every type of move. For example, bulky furniture is better packaged in large trucks and containers than in crates. If you’re unsure about what method to use, call your furniture shipping company and they can help you evaluate your needs.

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Ask your furniture delivery company, how long it takes to deliver furniture to your new home. If you need it delivered immediately, call them first. Any furniture delivery that takes longer than three weeks is best left in the care of experienced movers. Any longer than this and you risk inviting damage to your belongings while your furniture is being moved.

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Many people worry about the safety of furniture movers, but they’re actually just as safe as any other professional who works with moving materials. They use high-quality packing materials, like plastic and/or foam. Also, they don’t overlook any small pieces that could end up causing trouble during the move. For example, some people worry about their television sets or lamps getting jostled during the move. This isn’t the case with furniture movers because all fragile pieces are carefully evaluated before shipping.

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Make sure you choose an experienced furniture delivery company. While there’s no way to tell how long a move will take, you can always ask for references from past customers. Ask friends and family if they’ve had any furniture deliveries in the past. Even better, call several furniture delivery companies and get estimates from each one. This way, you’ll be able to choose the company with the most affordable rates.

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The last thing you want to do before your big move is to make sure your crating (crate) is ready for the move. You can’t use your crating for moving furniture if it isn’t clean and dry. Also, you should empty out your crate of all items that won’t fit in it, like bulky books and boxes. This way, when you load up your truck with all your pieces, you won’t have to carry crating around all day.