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Furniture moving companies are experts in their field. They have all the necessary gear and tools for efficient moving of large and complex items. Furniture moving services make moving day less of a headache. They will pack, load, transport, unload and reassemble your furniture.

Furniture movers are experienced professionals that know the ins and outs of moving furniture within your community. They have all the necessary resources to pack, load and unload all of your furniture with no damage to your possessions. The bonded and insured local furniture movers also employ skilled staff proficient at each stage of your moving process from planning to transportation. Furniture moving services provide expert, secure moving solutions to all of your moving needs.

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It is wise to get quotes from more than one moving company. Get several quotes from local moving companies and compare costs, time frames and the quality of moving supplies they provide to ensure you get the best moving solution for your needs. A quality mover should be licensed, bonded and insured. They should offer you a customized moving plan, help with packing, have rental insurance for bikes, RVs and other goods while in transit and be available at any time of the moving season to answer any of your moving questions.

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There are many times when people need to move large amounts of furniture, such as to change rooms in a house or move an entire bedroom. The moving supply market offers high quality but inexpensive moving containers that are ideal for light to moderate moving. Heavy items such as large beds or dressers usually need a trailer and a heavy duty lift truck.

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One of the most common ways to transport furniture is by flatbed trucks. These trucks are large enclosed vans that are perfect for transporting large quantities of goods. Flatbed trucks can fit most types of furniture and larger items such as beds and dressers. If the move requires the use of stairs, a lift will be required in order to take the trailer to the top floor. To avoid damage to flooring, flat bed furniture movers will usually use padlocks on the doors to secure the fragile floors.

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Some staircases are made of stone and other hard surfaces that may be damaged if the equipment is used without proper care. Flatbed trailers are great for transporting items on level floors. Most moving supply companies offer special lifting equipment that can fit on staircases with no problem. The lifting equipment locks onto the stairwell with clamps to hold the furniture securely in place.

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Furniture can become damaged when transported using flatbed truck trailers without using furniture pads. Furniture pads are specially designed to protect furniture items from scratches and dents caused by the moving truck. Furniture pads are custom-made from foam or latex and are placed directly onto the moving truck frame before the trailer is attached to the bed. These pads save moving service providers money since they do not have to purchase new moving pads once the furniture items are moved. Furniture moving supplies can also provide moving advice if a professional mover is unsure about how to move your items safely. They can also provide tips on using furniture pads to protect furniture items.

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Furniture moving supplies include moving mats, chevrons, and tape. There are two different types of moving pads available – those made from foam and latex, and the special Chevron patterned moving pads. Foam moving pads are popular because they provide extra cushioning for long journeys. The special Chevron pattern allows the furniture pad to adhere to the edges of staircases. In addition, they provide the mover with adhesive backing so the mat does not damage the carpet or the stairs. It is best to try out moving pads before placing an order to ensure that they are suitable for the mover’s needs.