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A furniture delivery service can be in your best interests, especially if you’re living in a small apartment or need extra help assembling and moving your new acquisition. Here are several other significant considerations to think about before finalizing a furniture purchase: Type of furniture It should go without saying that you need to buy furniture that matches the style and theme of your room. The majority of people make the mistake of buying furniture based on the wrong measurements. For example, they look at the size of their room and realize that the sofa they like is too large for the living room.

Size and weight A local moving service is likely to have expert movers on board who know exactly how to move furniture and pack it in a way that will ensure no damage occurs during the move. However, getting a professional mover isn’t always cheap. Moving costs can add up quickly, particularly if you have to pay for local gas or a taxi ride. If you’re already strapped for cash, here’s another option: Ask friends and family for referrals or look online for local movers. Do some research and find someone you can trust and who has good recommendations.

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Type of furniture You can usually choose from either a flat rate or per piece moving services. Flat rate moving services are more affordable than per piece, but you’ll probably wind up paying more for insurance and other charges. On the other hand, furniture movers can package your purchases into one package and repackage it for you at the new location. When it comes time to unpack and arrange all your furniture for storage, you won’t have to deal with multiple trips to the local moving store.

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Knowledgeable service One of the best reasons to use a furniture moving company is their level of knowledge. A good moving company will spend time with you discussing your needs, answering questions, explaining process and offering suggestions. If you don’t feel comfortable with the people you’re dealing with, don’t use their service. They should also have a license to operate and be bonded and insured.

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Easy access to your home Whether you’re moving furniture yourself or using a moving service, access to your home will be easier when you hire a professional. If you don’t have a truck, you’ll need to carefully navigate your belongings using a stroller until it is safely transferred into the truck. Make sure there are no sharp edges or corners that could potentially damage your furniture or hurt you. A good company will take all safety precautions to make your move easy and stress-free.

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Moving supplies Most homeowners fail to realize that they need to pack fragile and breakable furniture, such as Louisiana or crystal in advance of their move. Moving blankets, pillows and packing material are very helpful for this step. It’s important to pack heavier and more fragile furniture in advance of the move since you don’t want to risk breakage on day one. Using furniture movers offers the best protection in this regard.

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Professional movers will do a quality job with your packing. They’ll use high quality packing tape to cover anything that’s breakable. This includes furniture that’s made of glass or fragile materials such as vases or dishes. Many movers will also use heavy duty plastic wrap to protect your furniture and appliances. This wrapping provides a protective covering and also makes your furniture last longer during the relocation process.

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Disassemble Furniture Pieces After the Move If you decide to move without professional help, you can still get the help you need by hiring professional disassemble furniture companies. These companies will remove all items from your home, including carpets, upholstery, curtains, etc. After they disassemble the items, they’ll pack them separately according to the size of the move. Then, they’ll transport everything to your new home.