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“For over 8 years, Heaven on Earth Moving Services LLC has served the most prestigious corporate companies in the Deshotel region. We have helped countless Businesses, Investors and Organizations with their storage and moving needs. Whether its a large office move or a simple little office move, we make all our moves easy and hassle free for our customers. Whether its storage or commercial moving we have the experience you need to move any size of business or organization. We understand that moving requires proper planning and preparation and we will work hard to help our customers get the job done efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s a move to a new office or storage, we want to ensure that your belongings are moved to your new office or storage location safely and securely.

There are many companies today in the Louisiana commercial moving industry. The question is “How do I find a commercial moving company that will provide me with the experience and expertise I need for my move?” There are many moving companies in Louisiana specializing in commercial moves, but only a few of them are able to provide true professional service and unparalleled support. Asking the right questions is one of the best ways to determine if a company is going to work for your business or not.

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“Do you have a professional moving planner/service that will work with me during my business relocation? What services and procedures do they have in place for me to follow when we move into our new offices?” You must also ask yourself if you trust this company with sensitive information. If you don’t feel comfortable with a complete transition of your company’s information, don’t even consider working with them.

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Commercial moving professionals understand how important the security of commercial moving boxes and office buildings is to both clients and employees. The last thing you want is for your company files, confidential documents and other valuable business property to be stolen during a move. If you are uncertain about the level of service you can expect from your moving company or office buildings, find a provider who is very upfront about what they require from you in terms of security and communication.

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“Do you have adequate insurance coverage to protect me in the event that my office is damaged during your move?” If you rent commercial real estate or lease office space, you will need insurance to cover the property. Some commercial moving companies only offer general liability coverage, which typically only covers you if your business is damaged during the move. Make sure your commercial moving provider has a dedicated staff of insurance professionals ready to respond to any accidents, injuries or other issues that may arise during your move.

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“Do you charge a deposit for the relocation process?” Depending on the nature of your relationship with the company you are using for the relocation process, you may be required to pay a nonrefundable deposit during the move. This deposit will go towards the total costs of the move. You can also choose to pay a monthly, quarterly or annual fee according to your budget. Be sure you are comfortable with the payment structure and how it will impact your business finances.

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“How long will it take to get things moving? “This is one of the biggest questions most face during a move. If you’re moving from a traditional location to a new location, expect the moving process to take anywhere from two to three weeks. If your move includes more than one floor, it could take even longer. Consult the moving company about the time line and how they will handle things for you throughout the move.

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“Do I need special equipment or supplies for my move?” Special moving tools and products may be needed depending on the nature of your business and the current location of your offices. Make sure any products you plan to use are compatible with your office’s equipment. As far as special equipment or supplies go, you should know exactly what is in store for you and ask the moving office movers you work with for recommendations.