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Furniture Moving is a stressful time for everyone. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a company, there are a number of steps involved in the entire process, and if not done properly, it could end up costing you more than anticipated. With that in mind, it is important to get a few Furniture Moving Tips from the experts. Here they are:

Make sure you hire insured and licensed moving companies that specialize in moving large and bulky items. Insured and licensed moving companies that specialize in moving furniture within a home have trained staff proficient at every step of the moving process. From dissembling large items and packing them, to transporting and unloading them, to the real transportation, they sure ensure that your couch, dresser, coffee table, and pedestal make it out of your house safely and without further damage. Plus, they save you time since the big stuff doesn’t move that fast.

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Moving large items and bulky boxes using furniture gliders. One way how to move furniture quickly and efficiently without exerting too much effort is by using furniture gliders. Furniture gliders can be easily rolled beneath an item so that the weight of the whole thing is equally divided on both the bottom and the sides, so that the total weight of the whole unit is lighter than the heaviest piece on either side of the drawer.

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When using an outside moving company, double check for restrictions such as size limits. Also, ask about the maximum number of pieces per load. Find out if they will protect your belongings against weather. Find out if the moving company will provide posters or signs letting you know where they place things neatly. These are some of the important questions you need to ask when hiring a furniture moving company.

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Furniture moving company might recommend using furniture sliders or dollies. Furniture sliders are heavy duty equipment with long handles that enable you to easily lift small, delicate items such as clothing and table lamps. The legs connect to the handle using a nylon strap. The advantage of using furniture sliders is that they protect your furniture items from tipping over, even if the furniture itself is not strong enough. The downside is that the cost of moving appliances using them is higher than using other methods.

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If you have two appliances to move, use furniture gliders. This is one of the most affordable ways of moving heavy appliances and furniture pieces. However, because furniture gliders are so large, it may be difficult to load them into the truck and drive them to your new destination. In addition, it takes more time using them than transporting the smaller appliances or furniture pieces by carrying them on board.

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Professional movers using furniture pads or foam protectors can protect furniture items effectively, but it may take several attempts to completely cover an appliance or furniture piece. It is better to have a few extra layers of padding to ensure that the moving company can complete the job successfully. If you are using foam protectors, apply only to the areas that need protection. It is much easier to apply the foam protectors to flat surfaces than to try to push it past an appliance or furniture leg.

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Furniture relocation can be stressful, time-consuming, frustrating, expensive, and dangerous. If you find yourself in this situation, there are many options available to help you. One option is to hire professionals from your local furniture movers marketplace. Local movers will offer expert consultation services to help you determine the best way to move all or at least some of your furniture items. In addition, they will provide a detailed moving cost estimate. They can also provide advice about local regulations for relocating furniture.