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The practical importance of furniture assembly and pre-assembled furniture is certainly one of concern to us. If you’re not acquainted with this process, you may ask yourself what precisely is furniture assembly and how to assemble furniture? Furniture movers and packers can assemble and disassemble all your furniture in your own home or office, when requested. This will save you the hassle of moving the furniture separately. On the other hand, if you want a more personalized service, there are those who would assemble the furniture in your home, at specific locations you’ve agreed on beforehand.

In the United States, an average cost of furnishing your home or apartment is over six thousand dollars. For some people, this is still a bit much to shell out, especially when you see how many people flock to the United States every year to escape from their homelands and settle down in America. But if you think about it, there are many people who would like to live the American dream but can’t because they can’t afford it. If there were no furniture assembly service out here, these people would have no choice but to live in a trailer or a two-room shack, which is certainly not something that you’d wish to behold.

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Furniture manufacturers and local movers like to ship pieces disassembled so you won’t have to pay the shipping costs. When pieces are shipped to the company by a local mover, they first break down the pieces according to the model and serial number. Then, these companies would customize the pieces, making necessary adjustments in shape and size. After that, these pieces are shipped to your place, where you’ll be able to assemble them.

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On the other hand, if you want to purchase a complete furniture assembly without paying the freight or having it shipped to your place, there are a few options available. You could either go to a local factory or disassembled furniture assembler that will do the assembling for you, or you could simply call up your favorite brand and have them send you the necessary pieces. The downside here is the added labor costs because the assembler has to find a way to transport the item from the factory to your house, which could add up to quite a few dollars in labor costs.

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Some furniture assemblers charge per hour. It will depend on the local laws, as some require an hourly rate while others don’t. So if you plan on having your assembly done on an hourly basis, make sure you check with your local laws before you pay the fee. Although this may not seem like a big deal, paying per hour for your furniture assembly service is a very good deal more than it would cost you to simply hire the company for a single job.

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There are also companies out there that are only available by phone. This is ideal for many people because it saves them a trip to the local factory where they would have to pay a premium price for furniture assembly services. Many of these companies will ship their items directly to you, which again can save you a trip and money. Another plus for these companies is that many people like to assemble items themselves, so this is another benefit for people who enjoy doing their own work, but can’t take off days from work to do so.

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The overall cost of doing furniture assembly usually varies depending on what type of piece you’re going to have done and how many you need to have done at one time. The overall cost of doing it yourself is cheaper than hiring out, and there are some companies out there that do combine jobs that give you the chance to put together an entire room. As with everything else in life, the national average cost of labor is rising, so this is not a job that is going to go back to the bargain tables anytime soon. Furniture assembly jobs are going to continue to have a higher overall cost than ever before. The exception is if a large company decides to outsource their furniture assembly, in which case the overall cost might come down.

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One thing that many people do in order to save money on their furniture assembly service is to get the services of a professional furniture assembly service instead of hiring out. A professional furniture assembly service is much cheaper than a local furniture assembler because of the way they do business. They have set up shop in many cases, instead of the home office that many home-based assemble companies use and because they have the ability to bring in high volume orders, they can pass on a lower price to the customer. These professionals also have high tech equipment that allows them to do quicker jobs as well as more accurate ones, allowing them to finish more pieces of furniture at a faster rate than other companies can do. For these types of companies, doing things like putting together a sofa, a bed and a dresser all in one fell swoop saves them lots of money and time and makes it possible for them to put more furniture onto the lot.