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Furniture moving is a full service moving procedure, not just the physical removal of furniture from one place to another. From in-house furniture rearrangement to transportation your prized pieces to your new house across the country; the well insured and licensed moving companies that operate with a full staff adept at all stages of the furniture moving procedure make use of skilled staff proficient at every stage of the moving process to ensure that you receive the best moving services. All moving companies have their moving procedure and standard operating procedures, which are designed to safeguard the possessions of their clients. But, while hiring the services of professional mover companies, it is important for movers to be aware of some of the basic moving tips to ensure that the moving experience is worthwhile. So read on to know how to move a dresser or any other piece of furniture.

Furniture moving can be done by various modes including freight, local transport and by truck/motor. For small items like books and artworks, a common mode of transportation used by most moving companies is refrigerated trucks. There are many moving company companies which provide packing services with a combination of refrigerated trucks and enclosed vans to move large, bulky and unidentified pieces of furniture. Furniture moving by local transport is a very Heaven on Earth Moving Services LLC method in which the movers will pack up the moving boxes and load them into the vehicle of your choice along with the fragile belongings in the boxes, which need to be transported in small crates.

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One of the easiest and quickest ways of moving furniture is by simply packing them without breakage. Furniture packing by utilizing bubble wrap and wrapping papers is a very convenient way to move the most fragile items such as couches, sofas, draperies, bedding, etc. These packing methods do not require you to break anything during transportation. If there is any breakage in the moving process, you can always make use of the customer support of the moving furniture storage company or the movers themselves for assistance. This way, you can ensure the safety of your valuable property without compromising on the quality of moving products.

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Most people do not have the appropriate knowledge about how to move furniture properly and safely. If you are a first time user of the moving services, you should not take the risk of moving the entire household without professional assistance. Furniture moving companies know the technique of packaging and handling fragile items successfully. If you plan to hire local furniture movers or companies, you can ask them to pack your entire house or apartment in one trip and this will enable you to save both time and money.

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Moving the appliances and furniture without hiring furniture moving companies is quite an easy process as well. Furniture moving experts will make use of special moving equipment such as furniture sliders and dollies in order to move the heavier items and appliances such as shelves. Furniture sliders and dollies are specially designed to fit the weight of the appliances securely so that they can be moved easily. If you are not sure about the process, you can avail the services of a local moving company. These companies will take the entire responsibility from packing and moving the items to delivery of completed products at the destination specified by you.

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Using furniture sliders and dollies in moving small appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, is highly beneficial as it takes less space. You can also use these tools for moving large appliances such as freezers and dishwashers as well as mattresses and carpets. As they have special wheels, they can be used without putting much pressure on your back as you would have to do when using a standard wheel. Moreover, they allow you to move appliances and furniture even if they are not attached to walls.

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Furniture sliders and dollies can also be used when you are relocating a large appliance or furniture piece using power. These are great options if you want to relocate the refrigerator, stove, or freezers without having to dismantle them. Just set them below the appliance or furniture piece and push them up using the foot. Once you find a place that you are comfortable with, lift them up using the lever and push them down using the other foot. This helps to free up a large space which you can then use to store the newly relocated item or move furniture into the room.

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It is important to know that there are many other ways you can use furniture sliders and dollies to transport or move furniture. The only limit is what your imagination and resources allow you to do. So whether you need to move furniture for a domestic or international relocation, you should know that using DIY move furniture can make things easier for you. However, be careful and read the instructions properly before commencing the move so that your items do not get damaged.