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How to move the furniture? How to move a dresser? How to move a sofa? A good Louisiana moving company will have the answers for all these questions!

Long Hauling Services: Long Hauling Services is an affordable moving Louisiana business that does exactly what they say; move furniture long distances or across the state. Long Hauling Services will help you move and transport furniture either locally or across the country. They have a variety of transportation options including enclosed trucks, enclosed vans, and refrigerated railcars to name just a few. Long Hauling Services can save you time and money too as they keep the shipping costs down because they use the best resources to pack your belongings.

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Furniture Moving Company When choosing a moving company, it is important to make sure they are insured and bonded. This is important as there is a lot at risk if the mover gets injured while moving furniture. Ask the moving services you are considering if they have any personal injury insurance or worker’s compensation insurance. The best moving companies will have this coverage and more.

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Furniture Moving On Sight Movers: Ask the movers about their experience with transporting your belongings to your new home. Are they familiar with the local laws and guidelines? How many people do they have on staff? How much equipment do they have available? These are important questions you should be asking if you are considering moving large items such as furniture by truck or car.

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Portable Storage: Portable storage is an option most people prefer when moving large and bulky items. Consider whether you want the moving company to pack your items for you, or if you would prefer to load them yourself. For larger items, it may be best to hire portable storage to ensure the move goes smoothly and safely. Hiring portable storage will also ensure that you have the best way to transport your furniture once the movers are gone.

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Wrap It Up: Once the movers arrive to take your furniture, wrap each item individually in an unused plastic grocery bag. Have a friend or loved one tagging the bags as they come into your home. This is a safety measure in case something should happen to you during the move. Your friends and family will also be able to identify your belongings if they have not seen the items before. Many moving companies offer this service, but only for large items.

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Do It Yourself: If you do decide to move your items on your own, there are many things you can do yourself to make the experience easier. Look online for tutorials that teach you how to properly pack up your items. For heavier items, such as furniture and beds, it may be wise to hire a professional furniture moving company. These companies are trained to handle all kinds of large items and provide you with expert care. Instead of hiring a furniture moving company, consider renting some heavy-duty tape to wrap your furniture and other items to ensure they are well packed. There are many other DIY solutions available to help with packing but using professional moving companies will ensure all items are properly moved to your new home.

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Furniture Sliders: If you plan to move your furniture by yourself or with the assistance of a professional, use furniture sliders to help lift items off the ground. Furniture sliders, also known as dollies, have wheels at the base and are powered by a battery. Using the dolly is easy and can make moving your furniture much easier than lugging it by hand.