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Junk removal is one of the most popular services offered by professional moving companies. There are many reasons that it’s the best way to get rid of unwanted or unused items from your home, office, or other rental property. If you want convenience, ease, and an all-inclusive, on-site job, hiring a moving company for your removal is definitely the best option. However, before you hire a company, there are several things that you need to know in order to ensure your satisfaction with the service. Here are the top things to ask the moving company about when you’re looking to move out cleanly, fast, and easily.

What are the truck capabilities? Professional junk removal companies are trained to transport almost any type of item, big or small. Items such as old furniture, old appliances, antiques, musical instruments, sports equipment, old Louisiana, or even used textiles can be transported using dump trucks and large moving vans. They can also use smaller, hand-operated vehicles to remove larger items. You can trust a company that has a large fleet of trucks because this means your items will arrive safely and on schedule.

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What kind of refrigeration and/or freezer power do you need? Most professional junk removal companies rent refrigerators and freezers that have similar features and functions to commercial facilities’ models. A small refrigerator may be enough for smaller items, but it’s always best to ask if you need a larger model. A full-service moving company will bring a large freezer and/or refrigerator so that small and medium-sized items can be frozen or canned, according to your convenience.

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How are you going to dispose of solid waste disposal products? Some solid waste disposal products can only be recycled or broken down before they can be moved or broken down. Professional junk removal companies make it their business to make sure all solid wastes are properly disposed of in a safe, hygienic, and timely manner.

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Where will your junk removal take place? Many landfills are full and others are close to overflowing. One option is to contact a local or state agency about hauling your trash to their landfill, or to have your trash sent to a recycling facility. Unfortunately, many landfills are full already, so this option isn’t always viable, and you might have to move your vehicle off the property in order to take it there. If you’re unable to locate an existing landfill with adequate space to store your trash, many landfills are converting old, empty parking lots into residential and office buildings, making it harder for you to find a new place to place your trash.

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What are the environmental impacts of ocean trash? Ocean trash is made of all sorts of materials ranging from plastic bottles to aluminum cans to wood waste to ash from refuse facilities. Because it is made out of various materials, it is difficult to keep the waters free of garbage. Even if a ship could be salvaged and brought back to port, there would be a significant environmental impact. Junk removal companies will typically work in conjunction with state and federal agencies and environmental groups to help minimize the impact on the oceans.

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Can you recycle? It depends. Most recyclable material can be broken down by machines used by junk removal specialists and by landfills. However, metal, glass, paper, tin, aluminum, and rubber items cannot be recycled, so it is important to separate these types of trash before sending them to a recyclable service. It is also a good idea to contact a local junk removal specialist if you’d rather purchase your materials rather than recycling them.

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Do I have to haul my trash away or do I have the option to have it picked up? You do have the option to take your materials to a local removal company and have them pick it up. Many landfills are full and trucks can easily hold hundreds of tons of recyclable material waiting to be recycled. If you prefer, there are large trucks available that can be fitted with roll-off boxes to transport your material directly to a recycling facility. Although this method does not involve recycling, many junk removal specialists will still recommend you recycle your materials or give you the option.