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Furniture delivery may have seemed an impossible dream in years gone by, but it is not quite as hard to find these days. Full-service furniture delivery simply means that a transport vehicle is scheduled to come to your home, the furniture is unboxed/packed/assembled by skilled staff and then placed in your new room where you wish it to be. Furniture movers can deliver most types of furniture in the LA. Just give them a call and let them know what type of furniture you wish to have moved.

The majority of furniture delivery companies offer free shipping on all of their moves. Furniture that needs assembly will come with full freight charges. It’s best to contact the company ahead of time and ask about free shipping. Some companies have different terms for different items.

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Most furniture delivery takes place within two working days from the time the furniture arrives. If the transport arrives the same day, the freight charges are removed. Furniture that requires assembly will take additional charges. Ask the furniture delivery company, how long it will take to put the items together, and make sure they have the space in the truck to do so. A big bulky item may need to be put in a truck with another vehicle, or in a stairway or hallway.

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“The biggest difference between our normal deliveries and our furniture deliveries is that our normal deliveries take up three days, and our furniture deliveries take only two days. So, when Collin Winkles says that we can’t have enough chairs in our stores, that really tells you how far he believes that our product is in its marketing.” Steve Sorokonov, General Manager of Louisiana Retail Concepts told WWDA.

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Does Collin Winkles knows his stuff? Or does he simply want to lure potential customers in with grand promises of increased sales and a great showroom. It doesn’t matter which one it is. Either way, I think this is a smart move. The showroom is where the furniture delivery service works. It’s the point of sale.

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The furniture delivery service can help slow down supply chain delays. That’s a good thing, as delays add up in any supply chain. Lately, we’ve seen that the Chinese, South Korea and other Asian countries are using fake goods in their very expensive products to increase their profits. When supply chain delays result in inventory turns out to be a problem, these companies tend to take their profits head on.

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Furniture movers are experts in getting furniture to store and back again as efficiently as possible. Some mover companies have been known to shorten the delivery time from one day to a few hours. In addition to this, they can help speed up the assembly process and move the items directly from the warehouse to the customer. As one would expect, an increase in efficiency makes the process cheaper for the customer as well.

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Perhaps the most common complaints we hear about international furniture delivery is the inability to track an international package once it arrives. Once it arrives, if there is no track record of arrival, it can be very difficult to find out when it arrives next. Many companies offer free shipping to certain states, but not all of them offer free shipping to all of the country’s addresses. Tracking is an easy way to solve this problem, and one that take very little time at all.