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Furniture shipping is one of the most popular ways to send new furniture across country or even the world. While you’re thinking about colors, patterns, and materials, you also need to think about how to move furniture from point A to point b. If you live in a small apartment or need specialized help moving and assembling your brand-new purchase, a furniture delivery service might be in your best interests. However, if your furniture has special needs or if you’re not sure how to do the furniture-moving part, you can still do it yourself. You just need to have the proper furniture movers come in and do the heavy lifting for you.

The biggest thing you’ll need when you start packing your furniture pieces is a truck. Furniture companies and furniture delivery services offer their customers standard big-truck packaging options, but you can also pack your furniture yourself using commercially available furniture moving packs or the furniture-packing solution provided by professional movers. Commercial furniture mover packs are designed to fit many of the larger furniture pieces, including sectionals, sofa, loveseat, sleeper sofas, sectional couches, and futons. These packs are available at commercial furniture stores and even online.

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Furniture movers use specially designed dollies and crating systems to transport large furniture pieces. These dollies and crating systems are designed to securely pack each individual piece of furniture. When you’re choosing a moving supplier or furniture delivery services, be sure that the movers you’re considering offer crating services.

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Once you’ve decided on a crating system, the next step will be packing your furniture. There are two types of moving service options available. You can either pack your own moving service or get packing and moving service from a professional moving company. If you’re going to hire a professional mover, be sure to ask about crating services.

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Most furniture movers offer a complete package of all the necessary supplies to prepare your home for moving. You should expect the following items: heavy-duty tape, duct tape, packing tape, furniture tags or labels, a knife, boxes, cartons, and crates, tape measure, tape dispenser, pencil, chalk, tape measure and level, hammer, brads, brad claws, and nails, tape measure, tape dispenser, pencil, flashlight, tape measure, screwdrivers, tape measure and level, hammer, and tape. Some moving service companies provide the tools mentioned above and may include more items in the package depending on the service agreement you have with the company. Make sure that all of these items are included in the packing crate before any other belongings are placed inside.

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As most people know, unpacking and moving takes longer than putting the furniture in its new place. This is because of the time needed to load the truck with all of the furniture pieces and all of the fragile items inside. Most moving companies provide storage in one truck, but there are some who offer storage only to a limited number of furniture pieces. Ask them for a quote based on the number of furniture pieces you’ll be storing in one truck.

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Furniture reassembly is not always a simple task. Some furniture pieces require extensive efforts to assemble before they can be reassembled into their proper locations. Ask the moving service provider about the amount of time it takes for the furniture to be fully reassembled. Make sure to note this in the quote you receive so you’ll know what additional charges to expect.

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Once the truck arrives, the furniture will be disassembled and put back together according to the instructions you received. Then, you’ll be required to assemble the pieces back into their proper locations. The furniture will then be loaded into the truck again and taken to your new destination. As you can see, the process of moving your furniture is quite difficult, but moving companies are usually prepared to help make the move easier for you.