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A furniture delivery service can be your best bet, especially if you don’t have the time to spend hours setting up and moving your new acquisition. Yet a furniture move can be stressful and tiring, and you can run into issues you aren’t prepared for, such as broken furniture, damage to furniture pieces and appliances, and much more. So before you hire anyone to do a furniture pickup for you, consider these 10 tips for getting the best value for your dollar. Here’s how to move furniture with ease:

Get a professional moving estimate. Find at least three furniture movers who will come to your home, set up in a neutral location, and deliver over the shoulder in boxes. You’ll find that prices vary widely, so shop around. Keep in mind, too, that many moving companies will deliver the items as part of a group service, but make sure that they have a solid reputation for reliability and good performance.

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Consider crating. Many movers will offer crating services, which will save you time in unloading your furniture, loading it on the truck, and driving it to your new destination. Furniture that’s too large to load on a truck can easily fit into a compact housing crate, and there are many sizes and shapes of crates available. Crating saves you both time and stress and provides your stuff with a safe place to go during your move.

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Work with a company that has experience. Move into your new home knowing that the company you choose has experience transporting your belongings. Check their background, and talk to them about their current services. If they’re experienced, they’ll be able to schedule your move well, and they’ll know where to deliver your furniture and where it needs to be unpacked.

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Ask about their moving process and their packing procedures. Good moving companies are concerned with safety and quality of the items they’re moving, and they want to give you confidence that your things will arrive safely. Find out how long the entire moving process typically takes, and whether they use full-service or self-service moving services. They should provide you with specific details about each step in their moving process, so you can feel confident you’re doing business with a reputable professional.

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Ask about packing methods. Good moving services employ several methods to move your belongings safely, and you might be able to select a few for your move. Whether you’re using one truck or two, or even a combination of trucks, they should use special padding for fragile items and breakable materials, like dishes and glasses. In addition, some furniture movers specialize in moving smaller items, so they’ll be able to take care of the move for you; just ask how your move will be packaged and tell them what you need.

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Ask about their packing procedures for large furniture pieces. If you have large furniture pieces, like dining room tables and couches, that you have to move on, they’ll want to make sure they pack them properly so you won’t have any issues later. If your furniture is made of wood or heavy metal, for example, they’ll use lifting straps and special hoists to move them and pack them for shipping. Ask if they use only strong box-like structures to transport heavy furniture and how this fits into their moving package price.

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Enlisting the help of professional moving companies will ensure your move is done safely and according to your preferences. Ask the company how they package and reassemble furniture pieces, how long the packing process takes, and whether they utilize special padding for fragile items. If they can only provide general information, it’s best to find a local expert. Once your furniture arrives, check its condition to see if it was well taken care of during the move. Only then can you know how well you’re going to be able to restored it when you get home.