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Furniture moving companies are affordable furniture moving Louisiana business that does what they say. Long Hauling Services… Remember to call All Over Moving when you really need a Furniture Moving Company either locally or very far away. They can be found on the internet by typing in Furniture Moving Company into Google. You may also find them listed in yellow pages such as the Yellow Pages under “American Moving & Storage”. This type of company is more likely to use quality moving pods than a flatbed truck, or semi-tractor trailer.

Furniture moving companies in Louisiana have what is called a portable dolly, or dollies. These moving machines have wheels on one side and a platform with wheels on the other so that they can pick up and carry your furniture items. Portable dollies are generally large enough for even the largest furniture items. The last thing you want is to have to haul this type of heavy furniture items a long distance when the best way to move furniture long distances is by using a flatbed truck or flat bed trailer.

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Furniture moving companies use moving pads or dollies. This is a moving system made of a special pad that softens the load you place on the dolly. Then the moving pad is covered with a heavy piece of sheet metal, or a sectional dolly. These moving pads or dollies are placed over the top of the furniture and the bottom of the moving dolly.

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Furniture moving companies use what is called “shrink wrap” to move heavier furniture. This is a sheet of foam, or rubber. It is attached to two sheets of metal that form a doorway. You place your items on the bottom of the door, and then you push the door open and the pads compress the inside of the door and the foam pushes the items out onto the floor. Then the door is closed and you have removed the padding allowing the door to open freely.

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When packing your furniture items, it is best to break down the size so you will know what type of furniture items to pack. It is often difficult for moving companies to know the best way to pack an item simply because the item is too large to identify. If they cannot determine how large it is they are not likely to be able to help you. Many people do not understand that some items are so large they require special packing techniques just to get them into the truck.

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A good moving company can help with your packing and shipping needs. They will use proper packing techniques for any move. Some methods of packing include placing the item flat in a cardboard box and cradling it, or you can tape an item down and lay it flat. This will affect the ability to move furniture around, but many movers can assist with this. Furniture moving needs are very specific.

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Before you contact furniture moving companies, it is best to do your research. You can contact the Better Business Bureau, which keeps a record of complaints about any business. Find out from friends, family members, co-workers and other consumers about their experience with a certain company.

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Furniture moving companies charge a fee, however, it is usually less than the cost of relocating the items yourself. Be aware that long distance may be an expensive option. Long distance may also involve finding someone to pick up the items if they are too big. Most furniture movers understand this and try to make it as easy as possible for you to pack and load your belongings. If you use the internet or your local phone book to find a long distance company in your area, you should have no problems.