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Furniture delivery services can be advantageous, particularly if you live either in an apartment or need assistance assembling and moving your new purchase. However, moving furniture isn’t a small chore and you shouldn’t expect that the movers will be pulling down your stairs with a big dolly. Here are several other things to think about before finally completing a furniture purchase: Is the new furniture going to be delivered locally or across the state? What type of transport is required for the furniture to your final destination?

-How large will the furniture be when it arrives at your home? You will need to take measurements of the floor area before you begin browsing furniture choices. This will tell you how much room you have to work with and what type of transportation will be most suitable for moving the furniture in and out of your home. Furniture delivery companies do not make furniture pieces too bulky or unwieldy for easy moving, so don’t hire them unless you are experienced with moving furniture yourself.

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-If you are unable to find a local moving service in your area, look online. There are many online furniture movers available who may ship the furniture to your new home using a truck or van. Some move in services only offer one-way moves, while others can ship the furniture both ways. Make sure that your local movers can explain their services clearly to ensure that you don’t end up buying more moving materials than you need. A reputable move in service should give you plenty of options for packing and how you will be shipping the items in your absence.

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-What options do you have for packing antique moving services use? Most antique furniture can be easily transported using the furniture carrier’s packaging. However, depending on the type of item you have, you may have to specially pack them yourself. Many moving services use special boxes or crates that can fit many of today’s standard household items. This is why it is important to ask what specific materials the antique moving service uses for the packing of your belongings.

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-How are doors and hallways handled at the new residence? Does it involve long sliding doors or ramps to let furniture in and furniture out? Do you have to climb over ledges or steps? The best way to go about getting furniture into and out of your home is to plan ahead. If you know that you will be making multiple trips between your current residence and the new one, ask the furniture carrier about the easiest routes for you to take.

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-What are your other options for helping yourself move? You may find that certain pieces of office furniture like desktop computers do not fit into most cases. There are special boxes and racks designed to help you pack your computer equipment for relocation. Office furniture stores can also help with this if they have racks and boxes available.

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-What are your options for shipping furniture to your new home? Most professional moving services offer at least some shipping services for household items. They may include having trucks come and pick up your items at your home or they may include an assembly and delivery service. It all depends on the company and the type of service you choose. If you choose a company that offers shipping services as part of the entire move, ask them for specifics.

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-How will your furniture be delivered to your new house? Does the company do curb-to-curb pickup or do you have to arrange for pick-up yourself? What if there is a problem and you must transport it on the day of the move? Some companies arrange for pick-up in the state, some in the city, and others offer overnight service. Ask the movers you are considering what their preferred method of transport is and whether they provide this service.