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Move and storage services are a great option for those that have too much stuff to move alone or for those who are short on time. They help you get things out of your house and into your new house with less hassle than moving it by yourself. Instead of hiring movers they will pack up your home and deliver it to your new home. They can also store your belongings while you are in the process of moving. This makes moving and storage a quick, easy way to go.

Unlike other moving businesses, long distance movers can move you in just a week, a couple of months, or when you are ready to move in control of your schedule. There are no hassles, when you store your things at a temporary storage facility. You can come back at any time to retrieve any of your belongings. All of your furniture and appliances are safe with a temporary storage facility because they are warehouse-size and extremely durable.

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When moving house, it is important to have a complete home inventory list so that you know what goes where. Most movers will include packing and loading instructions along with their cost estimates. Contacting your moving company ahead of time before the move to ask what kinds of containers they use. You want to be able to pack boxes for the movers and have them use the appropriate sized boxes on the day of moving. If you do not specify which sizes your belongings require, the moving company will charge you accordingly. You will not want to pay for boxes that the movers cannot fill.

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You may wonder how you can move your items long distance if you do not own a car. The answer lies in using a local moving company and a full-service moving service. Some people simply can not move because of physical limitations or age. A full-service moving company will take care of everything from loading and unloading to storing and unpacking everything. If you have fragile items, such as antiques, it is best to use a local moving company because they often have a team of professionals who specialize in moving sensitive and breakable items.

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If you are going to make a move of this magnitude, you may also consider hiring movers who will use full-service and/or temporary storage facilities. You will need extra equipment for temporary storage. Movers may use dollies, rolling bags, pallets, trailers and portable storage bins. You should determine what size of equipment you will require and then allocate funds for it prior to moving.

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Truck rental services are another way of transporting and storing your belongings. Renting a truck will allow you to ensure that you have enough room to store your belongings. Renting a truck does come with a price though. In most cases, the fee is in terms of half of the hourly rate. Calculate the time it will take you to drive to and from your destination, compare this to the amount you are paying your truck rental service and you may decide that it is more cost effective to pay this fee for a full-service moving company.

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When choosing moving and storage companies, it is also advisable to choose one that offers integrated logistics solution. Integrated logistics solution means that the moving company will send its trucks with fully stocked boxes and other equipment needed to transport your belongings. This will save you time and energy, since the moving trucks will be able to deliver your goods faster. Most companies offer these integrated logistics solution as part of their moving and storage services. Ask the moving company you are going to work with if they include this as part of their service.

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It is best to consult with different moving companies before settling on one to help you with your residential move or commercial move. You can ask them to explain their rates and what is included in the fee. You should also make sure that you understand clearly what each service is offering so that you will be able to make an informed decision on which service to go with. Keep in mind that each of these moving services has their own limitations when it comes to delivering and storing your belongings. Make sure you take advantage of all moving and storage services offered by the various companies so that you will be able to safely store your belongings and make sure that your commercial or residential move goes smoothly.