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A furniture delivery service can be in your best interests, particularly if you live in a small apartment or need assistance assembling and moving your new acquisition. For many individuals, the main concerns when purchasing furniture include quality, price, style, and relaxation. Before deciding on which moving services to use, it is important to research and evaluate the services available.

The first step to selecting a moving service is to define your moving needs and your budget. It’s helpful to work out your expenses and compare them with what you can pay for moving services. For example, a common moving expense is packing and moving rental fees. Then compare these with the estimated cost of using a local moving service. If your budget is more restrictive, you might consider hiring a furniture moving company.

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The number one benefit of using a local moving service is cost. You will likely have to use a company’s insurance and bonding to cover all transportation costs. A local mover will be experienced in handling all kinds of large or heavy items. This experience and expertise mean a more efficient, safe and less stressful move. For example, if your furniture will weigh several hundred pounds, a local mover can pack it and deliver it to you 100 miles from your home.

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Furniture movers also provide valuable service. A moving truck can accommodate up to three full-size (which usually means futon) chairs. If you plan to move all your furniture by moving truck, it is important that the truck is large enough to move your entire home, including all stairways and ramps. Moving furniture by stairs is not only inconvenient, but it can be dangerous, especially for those who are not skilled in assembly and disassembly.

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Local furniture movers can also give you advice about how to keep your home and/or belongings safer during the move. For example, if your walls are made of wood, they can apply a protective coating so that it doesn’t rot while in storage. They can also offer suggestions for relocating large, weighty, awkward pieces such as tables and couches. Many people find that hiring local movers makes the move faster and smoother.

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Furniture moving service companies are available all over the country. A few companies even have a nationwide network of affiliates. Because this industry is competitive, many furniture companies try to remain local by offering services to individuals, condos and businesses. Some of these include:

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The advantages of shipping furniture to your new home include: increased convenience, safety, reliability, energy efficiency and better resale value. Furniture shipping services typically provide packing and assembly as well as unpacking and shipping. The cost varies depending on the company, the items to be shipped and the distance of the delivery. Most companies offer a minimum amount for delivery. They may also offer a freight service for additional costs.

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If you don’t know how to pack or where to start once you’ve made the decision to have furniture delivered, call your local moving furniture company for help. Experts have experience in all kinds of transportation, from loading trucks to flatbed trucks, and provide expert consultation to make sure your items reach their destination safely and on time. Furniture companies are able to deliver the latest packing supplies and other special products like blankets and bedding so you can rest easy knowing they’ll be delivered to you safe and sound. Don’t be apprehensive about having your possessions shipped. Call your local moving furniture company for more information or to get a quote.