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A great piece of advice on how to move a dresser is to make sure it is covered with padding. Great guys can help you locate local furniture movers near you so that you do not need to wrestle down that dresser or bang your head against the wall trying to lift that heavy chest of drawers. From small bedroom furniture rearrangement to large-scale shipping your beautiful items to a new house across the globe, network of skilled movers will surely help with your furniture moving details. You may also ask the company to take care of the packing and unpacking of your items at your destination. Most movers in this field are specialized in their area of expertise and can even provide customized services to accommodate your moving plans.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when you are planning to relocate is whether the place you plan to live will accept bulky household items such as dressers. If yes, then it would be better if you contact at least two or three companies offering piece-fill, tailgate and full-load furniture moving services. Make an appointment and set a day and time for your movers to take care of your belongings. Have them prearrange the removal of your items to the truck that will be carrying them to your new home. You should also allow them to remove your valuables such as jewelry and coins from your present dwelling and keep these items safe until your belongings reach their destination.

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Another factor you should think about when planning to relocate your wardrobe is if the place you plan to move it will accept bulky furniture sliders. You may even think of having these furniture sliders custom-built to fit the dimensions of the area. These sliders are made from heavy-duty plastic and designed to safely slide on carpets and other flooring materials without causing any damage. Most manufacturers offer these slip-on furniture sliders in different colors, sizes and designs that will match the color scheme of your house. Ask your furniture-moving company to help you find the right kind of slip-on furniture-slider for the area and the brand of your house.

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It is also important to ask your furniture-moving company about the ways in which they transport your items. Will the moving company use large trucks to move your sofa units, beds, television sets, computers and other household appliances? Or will they use compact vans with closed roofs to transport your fragile household items? If you want to save space, you may think of renting a truck for transporting your appliances instead of hiring one. Renting a truck allows you to save on gas and transportation costs.

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Smaller trucks may be used to transport your furniture within the area. In some cases, a moving company may have small vans equipped with loading ramps to accommodate furniture moving between homes or offices. For long distances, trucks with extended wheel bases may be used. You can also ask your moving company to provide you with the details of their preferred methods of transporting your belongings so that you can arrange your move accordingly.

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Once you have decided on the transport method used to bring your items to your new home or office, you can now ask your local furniture movers about the best rates for moving furniture within the area. Local movers may be able to provide you with special discounts or promos based on the size of the items to be moved. Furniture movers also specialize in certain areas such as town houses or condominiums. You should ask your local movers about rates and services before arranging to have your items moved.

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Although you may have considered hiring professional movers, DIY move is a good alternative if you are not too experienced in the moving process. It is a much cheaper alternative when compared to hiring the services of a professional. You will only need basic tools like screwdrivers, pliers and a small hand saw to accomplish this DIY move. If you are using furniture sliders, you only need a broom and a pair of pants to complete the task.

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Before proceeding with the move, it is always important to ensure that there is no damage done to the furniture. You can use furniture padding for added protection. Furniture padding is a must-have during the move. It will help to protect the furniture from scratches, dents, dings and cracks. Before proceeding, make sure that the moving equipment and furniture are packed properly and that no damage occurred to any part of the furniture.