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A furniture delivery service can be in your favor, particularly if you live alone or need assistance with assembling and moving your new acquisition. However, here are a few other important considerations to think about before making a furniture purchase: size and dimensions You should take precise measurements of your living space before you begin browsing furniture options. If you are not sure how to measure your space, hire a professional furniture mover to do the job. It is best to start by gathering furniture options that fit your living room or family room size. Once you have a few furniture choices, determine their actual sizes and whether they would require assembly or need to be delivered.

Furniture sizes and dimensions can vary from one store to another and even from store to store. When shopping for a furniture mover, ask the local moving service you are considering using how large the items would need to be. A local mover will be able to provide you with furniture-specific options in which to move the items. Local movers also understand that different items need to be moved at different times based on their location.

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Furniture delivery and moving services deliver directly to your home or office. However, some furniture movers deliver the items inside your garage or another designated area. If you are unsure about how to move the items, it is best to contact the moving services to discuss your options.

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If you decide to use a furniture delivery and moving company, be aware that the service will charge you a fee for the delivery and assembly. The exact amount will vary, depending on the distance the items need to be transported. If you need the furniture delivered within a metropolitan area, the fee might be less than moving the items yourself. Even if the moving company charges more to deliver the items, they usually provide padding and extra protective coatings so the items don’t dent or damage during the move. If the movers do not provide these services, you should find one that does.

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One of the biggest advantages to hiring a moving furniture service is that the moving truck can be left at one place during the move. It’s much easier and safer to leave the truck at one place, instead of moving it repeatedly around different rooms, especially in a big home. The truck can be protected from break-ins as well, which is especially important for homeowners.

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Furniture delivery and moving services can provide various types of packing materials. Depending on the nature of the items to be transported, the packing materials may differ. For example, furniture pieces that are fragile will need special handling. Many moving companies have large moving trucks equipped with furniture-grade soft sided cases and moving boxes. These boxes are specially made to handle items that are extremely fragile and cannot stand up to the rigors of shipping. They are also filled with packing materials such as Styrofoam peanuts, shredded paper, tissue paper, shredded plastic and even bubble wrap.

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Bigger furniture pieces will often require the use of specialized packing materials such as Styrofoam peanuts or Styrofoam blocks. Some companies offer their customers the option of buying wheeled duffle bags to store their larger items. One big advantage of using the brouwer relocation service is that they have experience in providing their clients with these packing materials, and many of them have had experience in the industry of moving furniture.

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When it comes to crating, it is necessary to provide the moving furniture company with information on how to package your piece carefully. It’s recommended that pieces are shipped flat and assembled, unless the furniture is bulky or extremely heavy. Items should be wrapped in layers of styrofoam, tissue paper and bubble wrap. It’s also good to provide crating instructions or videos for the movers you hire to provide your moving service. Properly crating your items will ensure that they arrive in one piece.