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A furniture delivery service can be in your best interests, particularly if you live in a small apartment or need assistance setting up and moving your new purchase. Before you begin browsing furniture choices, here are several other things to think about: size and measurements; how much furniture you need; and what kind of transport service (by land, sea, or air) you want to use. Follow these guidelines when you decide which companies to use in order to deliver furniture to your home:

Size and Measurable Measurements First, you’ll want to make sure that the moving service you choose provides furniture sizes that are appropriate to your needs. Furniture sizes vary greatly between manufacturers, and you want to have plenty of room to move the pieces around after they’re delivered. If you aren’t sure what size you should go with, start by measuring the floor area in your room. Then, take the dimensions of all of the pieces you’d like to move and add them to your current floor plan. Consider having different people come into the office with you to help you measure so that everyone has an accurate idea of how to proceed.

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Measurable Measurements As mentioned above, furniture sizes should be carefully measured before furniture shipping. However, don’t just take a guess at the size because you’ll likely want to order more than one piece at a time from the same company so that you’ll have plenty of extra to store in storage and to bring with you when you arrive. The packaging that comes with your furniture delivery should give you a good idea of how many pieces you’ll need to pack, but you’ll also want to measure the areas where the items will be stored to make sure you have enough space for movement. If your furniture delivery doesn’t include packing material for storage, you may need to purchase this material yourself or request it from the company that you’re purchasing the furniture from.

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Quick Job Done When you’re ordering furniture movers, it’s important that they can get the job done quickly. Whether you have a large job ahead of you simply want fast furniture moving, your movers should know how to move your items quickly. Some companies specialize in moving large and tall items, and you may find that they’re faster at packing and moving large items. Find out what companies specialize in what, so you can choose those who have the ability to move your items quickly without hurting themselves.

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Quick Job Done A single item moving service is fine for some jobs, but these jobs often take longer than you might like. If you need your furniture delivery to be finished as quickly as possible, look for a larger furniture movers company that offers multiple different types of moving services. For example, you might have an office that needs to be emptied, but you also have a home office that needs to be emptied. Single item movers can handle both types of tasks, since they’ll know how to transport one item and then place it in a trailer for transportation. The larger company will do both tasks, since it saves time for them and for you.

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Flexible Pricing Plans Most companies offer flexible pricing plans for their customers. Ask your furniture moving service how much they’ll charge for a move, and then look for movers that offer cheaper prices than that. If you need the job done quickly, you’ll likely need to make a few extra trips for just one item. Find out how many trips the company will make and what the cost will be. Remember that smaller companies may only offer a three-hour price for shipping; this is still an excellent rate, but you may not want to pay that much for a move. Keep in mind that larger furniture movers can offer unlimited expeditions for a flat rate, which is usually more affordable than most people tend to think.

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Basic Restoration Hardware Items As furniture gets older, it begins to show wear and tear. Even if you purchased your furniture brand new, it starts to show signs of wear and tear. If you have high-end furniture at home, the problem may not be too difficult to fix, but most people are not trained for this type of restoration hardware. A furniture delivery service can help with basic repairs, since most will have the necessary skills to complete the job.

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Easy Repairs Many furniture moving service companies offer to give their customers advice on how to keep furniture from needing any repair work at all. Some companies even offer to inspect your house for problems and then suggest solutions. This service helps customers save money, because they don’t have to hire a repair person and they get their furniture back faster. It is important to ask how many calls these companies will make each week to schedule appointments and estimate costs, since these services work fast. You’ll also want to check with each company to see what their policies are regarding late or damaged furniture, and if they offer any guarantee on the furniture they send.