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Normally, furniture stores usually charge an affordable flat rate for delivery along with the labor cost to have the furniture delivered to the customer’s residence. In this scenario, the individual delivering the furniture would only get a small portion of what the furniture shop actually charges. That’s why it’s always considered proper to tip a delivery person as part of doing everything in good taste to make sure they’re being paid well for their services. Here are some pointers on how to move furniture yourself without spending as much:

Ask around. Friends, acquaintances and colleagues may have successfully moved all by themselves in the past. Ask them if they used any help, whether it was just a rental truck or a professional furniture delivery service. They may even be able to offer you a referral.

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Rent a truck. Renting a truck to transport your belongings is much cheaper than furniture shipping. Even if you’ve only got the essentials, you’ll still save money on delivery charges. As furniture delivery companies charge by the hour, you’ll pay considerably more when you rent a truck. A truck can be hired during business hours for up to a week’s time; it may even be cheaper during the weekend because most furniture shops are closed.

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Free shipping. Some furniture companies may not include free shipping in their furniture delivery service or offer a discount for it only. For furniture like couches and recliners that are simple to assemble, many companies will include free shipping. However, there may be a requirement that you must assemble the furniture yourself before the furniture arrives. Contact the company to find out if this requirement is common for your piece of furniture.

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No need to bring your furniture in. Furniture is shipped all year around; you won’t have to send your July furniture in at the beginning of September. Many furniture delivery services already ship all the items they carry in July. This will save you time and make your July furniture arrival less likely to become a problem. You’ll also have the new furniture in time for the hottest summer months. You’ll never know until you try it!

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Same day delivery team delivers. Furniture companies that offer same-day delivery strive to make sure that your items will arrive in good shape. You might find yourself disappointed if the delivery truck doesn’t show up on time. If you have items that need to be assembled, an assembly-kit may come in handy. Same-day delivery teams deliver on the same day so you can start using your new furniture immediately. A good company should work hard to give you a nice welcome package, too.

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Free shipping. One of the best things about some furniture delivery options is that they offer free shipping. You don’t have to pay for two separate shipping services to ship the same item to two different addresses. With many of these companies, you get a fifteen-day free shipping with no minimum. Some companies offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

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Free delivery. As if free shipping wasn’t enough, many furniture delivery companies also offer money-back guarantees. If your furniture arrives damaged or broken in your new home, you can get your money back. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re satisfied with your new home.