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Furniture moving can be a major hassle. It is time consuming, expensive, and requires a great deal of expertise. Yet there are several ways to move your furniture on your own without all of these costs. The key is to find the right moving company. Furniture moving companies offer a wide variety of moving options, from renting a moving truck, to storing your furniture in a temporary yard, or to having the furniture shipped directly to your house. Whether you decide to hire a moving company or not, there is several Furniture Moving Tips that should help make the move go much smoother.

Cost. Furniture moving companies charge different rates for different services. Some movers charge per hour, while others charge per cubic yard. Some charge by the day or overnight, while others base the cost of the move on the size and weight of your belongings. So it’s important to know the moving company’s typical fees before you move furniture.

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Methods. Each moving company offers different methods for moving your belongings. The best way to choose which method is best for you is to ask the movers what the most common moving methods are, then find out what they recommend. Here are some tips for choosing the best way for your furniture move:

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Furniture Sliders vs. Truck Trailer. There are many advantages to hiring Furniture Sliders vs. using a truck trailer. One of the best moving tips is to consider the weight of your belongings. Furniture sliders are often much lighter than a large truck trailer. It may take two Furniture Sliders to carry two to three times as many belongings as a truck trailer.

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Portable Storage vs. Dry Storage. If you don’t have a lot of belongings to move, or if you are concerned about safety, you may want to consider using portable storage or self-storage during your Furniture Moving Services. You can move furniture from one location to another with a group of movers while your belongings stay safely stored in a secure storage facility.

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Rates. Ask how much it will cost to relocate furniture from one area to another. Furniture Moving Companies charges different prices for different areas. For example, it costs more to relocate furniture from a southern state to a northern state. Keep in mind that the cheapest way to move furniture is to simply use a truck trailer to transport it yourself.

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Service Types. Some moving companies offer only residential moves, while other moving services offer commercial and industrial moves as well as residential moves. Find out what types of services the moving company offers before hiring them. Hiring a moving service that offers only residential moves could cost you more money. However, if you use a moving company that offers commercial and industrial moves as well as residential moves, you can save money on the total amount you pay.

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Shrink Wrap vs. Pads. If your furniture has sharp edges or if it needs to be moved on uneven floors, you should select a moving company that offers shipper’s insurance that includes protection against damages caused by shrink wrap or padding. Using shrink wrap to protect your furniture from damage is the cheapest way to move furniture during a move.