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Furniture moving is probably one of the most difficult and important parts of packing for moving. Furniture is an investment, and nobody wants to see his or her valuable pieces of furniture getting damaged during transportation move. This is also one of the main reasons why you have to carefully consider before you jump into your move to hire a moving company. A moving company should be able to provide good moving tips for handling different types of furniture, from antique pieces to modern furniture. Here are some pointers for you to consider.

Furniture moving companies are service providers who help people with the task of packing and moving. They do this job by hiring specialized furniture movers. These movers are experts when it comes to handling different types of furniture. The good thing about hiring these furniture moving companies is that they are licensed and insured. They also have the proper equipment and resources to deliver a successful move. As a customer, you should know how to hire the right moving company and what their moving tips and guidelines are.

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Before choosing to hire a furniture moving service, make sure that they are experienced. There are many movers in the industry but only some can assure you that they are professionally trained and can deliver excellent results. Ask for references and testimonials so you can know if they can deliver quality results. Check for their license, insurance, and certification. Furniture movers are also required to comply with local and federal laws, so it is crucial to check their performance record.

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If you already know the movers, inquire about their terms and condition for moving furniture. For example, you may be able to negotiate on a cheaper price or even free services depending on the circumstances. Find out about the warranty, the moving schedule, the packing procedure and whether the mover will be the one to pack, load and unload your belongings. You may also ask if they provide packing materials like boxes, bubble wrap and tape just in case the new home has damaged boxes or tape.

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Once you have narrowed down your moving list, call several moving companies and get quotes. Compare their moving prices, the terms and conditions of the service, and the moving supplies needed. Hiring a reputable moving company can help you save time and money on the whole move process.

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Ask family members, friends and co-workers about local furniture movers in your area. Find out how long they’ve been in the business and find out how satisfied their customers are. It is also important to interview a few local movers to get an idea of how they would handle the move. Consider hiring a local company because transporting and moving furniture is not a task most homeowners want to tackle alone. It may be more affordable to hire local movers to take care of in-home furniture moving, since they already have experience in the field.

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Furniture items must be protected during the move. The best way to protect furniture items is to never place them inside a moving carton. Always use furniture pads to secure small fragile items like pictures, paintings, Louisiana and glassware. Furniture pads will protect the items from damage during transit. It will also give you piece of mind that your prized items are secure.

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As much as possible, never stack fragile furniture items on uneven or slippery floors. The use of moving blankets is essential to cover heavy furniture items such as books, DVD’s, and lamps. If possible, ask the moving company to remove all the fragile items from the floor during transport. Most moving companies provide moving blankets free of charge so be sure to ask if you don’t have a choice.