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What is Full-Service Furniture Delivery? Full-service furniture delivery simply means a moving truck is scheduled to come to your home, the furniture is unboxed/ unloaded/assembled by trained staff, and then put in your living room where you need it. Then they will pack and move your furniture to the perfect location. The majority of movers provide this service free of charge because they know how valuable your furniture items are. They can deliver furniture from store front to your door. This makes the transportation of your furniture quick and hassle free.

Furniture movers that making sure your items are transported safely. Movers have state of the art equipment that makes sure nothing is damaged during transport. It also helps cut down on your expenses. You do not need to pay for rental trucks to make your move. The companies that offer furniture delivery provide top of the line vehicles.

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Furniture Shipment Location: Ask before your furniture arrives if they ship to your new location. Many companies do. It saves you time and gas to drive down the street to a showroom. Most furniture delivery services offer this service. Some do not. You’ll want to ask up front so you don’t waste your time.

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Furniture Shipping Schedules: Many of the large furniture companies now have online websites where you can view their schedule. There are many factors that go into their shipping schedule. Furniture delivery times vary according to the destination, season, and time of the year. In July, they may be two weeks behind, in January they may be three weeks behind, and in February they might be four weeks behind. All of this is figured into the schedule.

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Free Shipping: You want to know what you are paying for when it comes to furniture delivery. Some people are hesitant to pay for free shipping, especially in July. You may have been saving for something for the summer months. Free shipping in July could end up costing you more than you paid for the item in the first place. Other people have no qualms about free shipping and say they are happy to pay for their items.

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Free Delivery with Text Customer Service: Most manufacturers now offer a mobile service for their furniture delivery. Most of these services run on major cell phones or Blackberries or PDA’s. For those who may not be familiar with mobile delivery, the text customer service number should appear on the bottom of the item. If it doesn’t, ask the company representative about text or phone delivery.

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Two Week deliveries: Most manufacturers make furniture delivery by ground transportation. Some do this as an add-on service. The reason they don’t offer a ground shipping option is because their warehouses are full and they cannot have the delivery vehicles bring all the items at once. Instead, they choose a two week delivery option. This will keep the warehouse stocked and on the road. Sometimes this option can be cheaper than regular ground shipping.

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Furniture arrival estimates are based on how long it takes for the vehicle from the factory to your house to deliver the furniture piece. Rush deliveries are almost always available, but this price often includes a surcharge depending on how long it will take to get the furniture to your home. Freight furniture deliveries can also include non-refundable charges such as pickup and delivery fees and taxes if applicable. These are some of the things to keep in mind when looking for a furniture delivery service. Furniture retailers and wholesalers often have web sites where they provide details on all of their services.