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Furniture Moving Companies can help move your belongings in a professional, timely, and affordable manner. They specialize in packing and moving items from one home or office to another safely. With many options for transport, the Furniture Moving Company can help move your possessions to you with minimal disruption. Here are some Furniture Moving Tips for faster and easier moving.

Furniture Shipping Tips Before hiring a Furniture Moving Company, ask for an online Furniture Shipping quote. Some companies offer free quotes, while others require a small fee. Furniture Shipping cost is based on the value of your furniture, including any new beds or chairs you purchase for the move. Most furnishing stores offer free shipping and a convenient return address. A two or three-man moving team will arrive at your new home or pick-up location.

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Furniture Insurance Many moving companies provide insurance for your belongings while they are on the move. Furniture Insurance can pay for damages incurred to your belongings. Make sure to check the policy carefully to be certain it includes moving boxes and furniture moving company insurance. Furniture and packing Insurance cover the contents of your possessions during the entire move. You should also inquire about extra insurance protection such as accidental damage insurance coverage that may cover damage to your items due to fire, water damage, and theft. In some cases, additional coverage is available with a moving company only.

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Furniture and Packing Supplies When hiring Furniture Moving Services, ask for a complete list of products you will need to pack and move your belongings. You will probably have to purchase additional packing supplies from the moving company. This includes packing tape and bubble wrap. Moving supplies suppliers offer convenient ways to purchase packing supplies. For example, you may want to ask if the moving company offers free shipping and a discount or membership deal on purchases.

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Wrap Up Some of the heavier items should be wrapped in blankets, so you may not want to purchase extra wrapping paper and blankets from the Furniture Moving Company. Be sure to give yourself enough time to load, unload, and pack your belongings before the move day arrives. Any leftover wrap should be destroyed. Furniture wrap provides extra security against theft while you are moving furniture, so you should strongly consider using this option for your move.

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Lifting Large Furniture Items It is important to have professional movers use lifting equipment to move large furniture items. Lifting large furniture items helps to prevent accidents, because the moving straps secure the furniture to the floor. Professional movers also use safety belts on all trucks, so that you are less likely to slip or fall while on your way to the new home. You should also plan on spending some time unpacking after the move, because it may take some time to find everything you have moved.

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Move Furniture by Yourself Even if you have experienced moving a lot in your previous homes, you may feel intimidated by moving heavy furniture on your own. However, you should remember that moving your entire household can be stressful. Before attempting to move furniture on your own, you should get help. Consider renting some equipment, such as a dolly or skid steamer. Many moving companies offer these services as well.

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Dresser and Furniture Move If you are unable to move your furniture by yourself, don’t be afraid to hire professionals to help you move your dresser or room furniture. A professional moving company can provide better protection for your dresser or furniture than you could do alone, and they can get the job done faster. Before hiring professionals, make sure they are insured and bonded. A good company will be respectful and careful to protect your belongings and insure them against damage. With proper planning and precautions, you can move furniture with ease, avoiding injury and making the entire process easier.