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If you’re in need of moving and storage services, don’t worry. The moving crew at Charles moving and storage is prepared to help you with any move that may come your way. For over a decade, they have been a trusted resource for individuals who need Louisiana long distance movers and Louisiana residential movers. This family owned and operated business offers services such as apartment house shifting, office moves, condo shifting, even temporary storage and pick up services. No matter what type of move you need to make, you can trust the movers at Charles moving and storage.

Moving from one state to another often requires people to relocate their household goods. Some of these household goods include clothing, furniture, electronics and appliances. These items can be very bulky and hard to move, sometimes even when hiring professional movers. Luckily, moving companies are available for any move, large or small. Charles moving company is one of the most trusted moving companies in the Louisiana area. Here are a few of the moving services offered by this family owned and operated business:

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Storage Options: When moving long distance or from a city to a smaller town, you can always hire a truck rental to take care of all of your storage needs until you find a new home. For a short while, your storage needs will be taken care of by the moving company at Charles moving and storage. You will just need to call them to see when your storage is filled and ready to go.

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Storage Options: When moving to a smaller town, you can hire a moving company instead of a truck rental. However, you will not be able to store belongings as you would if you hired movers to do the move for you. This can be a disappointing thing to hear, especially if you know that you have plenty of storage space at your home waiting for you to make use of it. Once you move into your new house, you can call the moving company again to pick up your belongings.

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Full-Service Moving and Storing: Full-service moving and storing has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantage is that you can prepare everything yourself. You can pack your belongings personally, arrange for your transportation, prepare your storage and more. The full-service option also allows you to determine how fast you want your move to occur. If you want things to move quickly, you can pay an extra fee.

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Temporary Storage Facilities: If you have a temporary relocation to a different city, state or even country, you may want to consider temporary storage facilities. This can be less expensive than full-service moves. There are a variety of places from which you can rent a temporary storage unit. These locations are very convenient; most people can easily arrange to move there in one day.

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Moving and storage need not mean that you break the bank. There are ways to get affordable moves while avoiding the stressful and time-consuming process of setting up to live in a new home. Whether you move across the country or just down the street, knowing your exact move date and finding a way to move your belongings in a timely manner is important.

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Consider renting from a relocation service. Hiring movers can be expensive, so it might be best to try out moving and storage options on your own. When you are moving two men and a van, there are some things you can do to reduce expenses and improve the likelihood that your belongings will reach their new home in one piece. Renting from a relocation service can give you the security of knowing your belongings will arrive safely and in one piece.