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Before hiring a Moving Company, make sure to know the cost of the move. Generally, moving companies charge by the hour and have a minimum charge for local moves. Long-distance moves are regulated and are often based on weight and miles. Some companies charge extra for heavier items or extra flights of stairs. A good company will accept all forms of payment, from cash to credit cards. Read on to learn more about pricing and how to choose the right moving company for your needs.

The price of a moving company should be reasonable. Some companies offer extra benefits, such as packing materials and GPS tracking. You should also look for moving checklists and packing materials. Lastly, consider the company’s BBB score. Moving companies with a low BBB score will likely not show up on the prearranged date, may be slow to return calls, or cause excessive damage to your property. Consider the following tips to choose a Moving Company for your move.

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Before hiring a Moving Company, make sure you know how much space you will need. Ask for a binding quote for the entire move, and make sure to list everything in your home. Be sure to tell the Moving Company if you have any special items that they can’t move. If they refuse to move them, you can negotiate with them and have them remove them from your home. If you are unsure, call and discuss the price before the moving company arrives.

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To find the best Moving Company, look for their licensing and insurance. If the company is not licensed, check if it has an authorized USDOT number. If you are unhappy with the service provided by a Moving Company, you can file a complaint with the FMCSA or the Better Business Bureau. You can also check online reviews and testimonials of their services to find the best one. If a moving company is not a member of the AMSA, avoid it at all costs.

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The Moving Company should have valuation coverage for your belongings. This is insurance-like coverage for your possessions. The federal government has set a minimum value for valuation coverage. The Moving Company you choose must provide replacement value for sixty cents for each pound of the items they move. Other companies will offer higher replacement values. Replacement value is based on the cost of replacing the goods by their weight in pounds. If you choose to pay extra for valuation coverage, the price may be higher.

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A good Moving Company will be licensed, bonded, and insured. Check the companies’ credentials by checking their websites or calling them to discuss your needs. It is best to select at least three companies and get a quote. Call them to discuss your move and request an estimate. Don’t settle for the lowest price as you don’t want to end up paying for services that are not necessary. If you aren’t comfortable with the moving company’s reputation, don’t sign the contract without seeing their insurance and registration certificates.

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Many movers offer free quotes, so it’s worth getting several quotes before deciding on one. Some Moving Companies require a small deposit, usually one to two hundred dollars, to reserve your spot. Others ask for a percentage of the quoted price as a deposit. A good rule of thumb is to pay a deposit of 20% or more before the move. Most Moving Companies allow you to cancel your move up to a few days prior to the date of the move, but check if the moving company’s cancellation policy covers cancellations.

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Make sure your Shortbread moving company knows Shortbread streets. Shortbread is notoriously busy and stressful, so hiring a company with knowledge of Louisiana streets is critical. Your Moving Company should know the best streets to take, the best times to load their trucks, and the safest ways to transport your belongings. There are also strict laws regarding street cleaning and parking. Consider this in choosing a Moving Company. Make sure to check if they are licensed and insured, and always get references before choosing a Louisiana Moving Company.