The 10 Easiest Things To Throw Away Before Moving Day… Hopefully

things to throw away before moving day

If you’ve moved before then you know it is not the time to suddenly become sentimental, or if you’re already prone to sentimentality it can leave you with an overwhelming sense of dread. Whichever way you lean on the spectrum it’s still hard for any of us to throw away our stuff.

It’s the thing you found in the back of your closet that you forgot about but now you remember. It’s the hobby you bought all the stuff for and never really tried out – but now you might pick it up again! It’s the thing that’s broken, but you can still fix it. It would be a shame to throw it out.

We all have our stuff that’s hard to get rid of, but hopefully this list can help even the most diehard sentimentalist out! It’s the 10 easiest things to throw away before moving day… hopefully.

Old Linens

Is there a more adult feeling than having matching towels and linens? Most of us still haven’t experienced this growth yet, but if you’re moving into a new home do something nice for yourself and go invest in some good quality linens. Attached to that holy towel though? You guys been through a lot together? Then give it a second life by dropping it off at your local animal shelter. Sleep easy knowing a puppy is snuggling it right now.

Plastic Takeout Silverware

These things are useful if you’re having a party, but if you don’t ever actually put them to use, then I’m sorry to say you have yourself a collection – and that’s kind of sad. If you’re having trouble getting rid of this then the rest of this list is going to be hard for you, but if it makes you feel better you can donate these to a local food bank!

Toilet Brush

Please don’t even bother putting this into a box. Just think of all the germs this has collected. It’s not worth the five bucks you save by not buying a new one. Your new toilet deserves a new toilet brush. Just do everyone a favor and throw it!

Old Paint

Unless you’re an artist what are you holding onto these for? The lids are probably rusted shut by now, and not properly sealed anyway. The movers won’t put them on the truck unless you secret them away in a box (could be cause for legal issues…10/10 would not recommend). Don’t you want to shop for new fresh colors for your brand new home anyway? Then get rid of these outdated cans of color. They’re so five-ish years ago!

Junk Drawers

The good old junk drawer. Let’s break down what’s going to happen here. You’re going to pull out that drawer and you’re going to dump it into a box to “sort out” at your new home. It’s okay to admit it. You may not even know you’re going to do it yet, but trust me, it’s happening. After even a day of packing you’re not going to find the inspiration to sort out that drawer. When you open that “Junk Drawer” box at the new place guess what… you’re not going to find the inspiration there either. It’s an elusive little thing. So why not just toss it all? Live on the wild side. Let your hair down and go for it! It’s a great feeling if we’re being honest, and the great thing about junk drawers is you’re guaranteed to have a new one within the week!

Plastic Souvenir Cups

Okay so we’re getting into the sentimental territory, but honestly how many souvenir cups does one household need? Trust us there’s going to be another parade, another event, another show, and they’re probably going to have the exact same cups on rotation. Moving time is the time to edit your collection. Maybe just keep one or two of your favorite stacks instead of all twenty.

Old Clothes

Just think of all the new clothes you can fit into your new closet! Moving is a lot of work, but it’s not going to magically make those jeans fit again. Take the opportunity to reinvent your wardrobe. After all, depending on where you’re moving to these people haven’t been amazed by your sweatpant collection yet. Buy yourself some new and fabulous things to wear around your new town!

Old Decor

Do you really want to bring that hand me down or dated decor to your new house? You’ve got a blank slate ahead of you. It’s the perfect time to Martha Stewart it and make your home exactly what you want it to be. You don’t really want all that clutter, do you? We’ve all got things shoved into the back of our closets, hidden under a cabinet, placed at the back of the shelf. It’s time to release that bird figurine your mom gave you six years ago. Let that birdy fly right into a donation box. Someone else will love it just as much as you didn’t.

Pots and Pans

Once packed these boxes are HEAVY! Not to mention they take up a ton of real estate on the moving truck, which costs you more money if multiple trips need to be taken because Aunt Betty’s twenty-pound pots and pans had to come. Let’s face it most of us don’t cook, and definitely not like Aunt Betty used to. The cookware she donated when you moved into your first place isn’t going to make your food magically taste good. Pack those one, two, maybe three favorite pots and pans you actually use, and it’s time to let the ones in the back corner of the cabinet go on to their new homes.

Expired Medications

It’s good to regularly check your medication for expiration dates, but if you’re like the rest of the world population you tend to forget that detail. It’s best to not risk yourself or your family member’s health by accidentally taking expired medication. Once they’re past their freshness date, old meds lose their potency and may become chemically altered. That’s why you need to get rid of them, and you shouldn’t automatically flush them down the toilet, which may compromise the water supply. Instead, follow the Food and Drug Administration’s disposal guidelines.

So how was that? Easy peasy? Harder than you thought? No Way are you throwing those away? If you’re someone like me who loves to get rid of clutter during a move it was probably no sweat off your back. If it helps everyone else though, I’ll end by saying that every box that doesn’t have to go on the truck is more money you save and one less thing you have to unpack!