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Time is probably one of the largest cost factors for furniture moving companies. You have to estimate how much time you’ll need to move everything yourself. Some heavy-duty moving pros charge an hour per piece, and others cost by the half-hour. In either instance, the amount of time taken to complete such a task will add to the overall price. On the other hand, many do-it-yourself movers will charge the same fee no matter how much work is involved.

Lifting. This should go without saying, but you really need special heavy-duty equipment to move all your large furniture pieces. Even if you’re moving some simple items such as a dresser, there are lifting equipments that can move even the largest beds and dressers.

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Boxes and Piles. A moving company can often provide several options for packing boxes and pallets. However, these options can be expensive and many people do not have the storage space to hold many bulky boxes or racks. For this reason, you may want to rent some heavy duty moving boxes from a moving company or buy several smaller ones from moving supplies and stores.

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Wrap Around Hinges and Fixtures. Furniture moving tips indicate that it’s often best to purchase several heavy pieces, rather than simply buying one box or rack. By purchasing several heavy pieces, you can stack them on top of one another in order to save space. Instead of having to rent a huge truck, have the moving company load each heavy piece separately. The stackable heavy boxes come in handy, especially if you don’t have the space to store moving boxes at your current location.

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Use Sorters. If you’re moving heavy items, it’s best to use a sorter. This device is designed to sort out various packing materials, and may even help you pack your belongings according to their size. Moving companies have many different sorters available, so it’s likely that you will find one that will work best for your needs. If you don’t already have a sorter, ask for one from the moving supply store.

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Hand Truck Services. Although many people prefer to move furniture by using a moving company’s truck, others believe that they are still better equipped to handle the job. The fact is, each moving company offers different types of services. While a large truck may be cheaper, you’ll find that moving furniture alone (even with the help of a hand truck) can cost significantly more. Plus, carrying the hand truck between rooms can end up costing you extra time. So if you think you may need some help, consider hiring a moving company to provide you with a rental hand truck.

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Movers & Packers. Many people underestimate the amount of work involved in moving furniture and fail to hire movers and Packers. Instead of spending money on high-end hired movers, consider using low cost online companies. Online providers will not only offer lower prices but they will deliver on time. In addition to hiring movers, look for Packers who offer new furniture. You may even want to look around and find local companies who have experience moving your belongings for new furniture.

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Moving Blankets. Many people also neglect to include moving blankets when moving. Blankets will help protect your clothing from getting dirt, crumbs, and other Thornwells. Before you leave, ask your mover if they offer blankets.