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When it’s time to move, there’s nothing like having a reliable furniture delivery service that can take care of everything for you. But how do you find one? How much will it cost? How long will it take? There are many options available to you when it comes to furniture movers. Here are some ways in which you can save money on your furniture moving needs:

Shop around – It’s important that you comparison shop around. You don’t want to have to pay more than you need to for moving furniture. You’ll also want to think about colors, materials, and patterns. If you’re going to use a moving service, you’ll want to make sure that they provide services that are available at your location, and make sure that they have appropriate insurance coverage for your pieces. Keep in mind that the price you pay will depend on the amount of distance that your furniture will have to travel. If you’re moving furniture within a relatively short distance, it might be cheaper to use a moving service.

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Choose wisely – The types of furniture that you want delivered can play a role in how much you pay. Larger pieces, like furniture, couches, TVs, and so on, can be more expensive to move. Lighter, more delicate items, like chairs and tables, can be cheaper to deliver. Don’t forget to factor in delivery time. If you want your high-end furniture to be delivered in a timely manner, you’ll likely need to pay a bit more for it.

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Plan your moves carefully – The size and shape of your furniture pieces will play a big factor in what kind of service you can get. Shipping furniture is easier if the pieces are smaller, as furniture movers can handle these kinds of moves easily. Larger pieces, like couches, TV stands, and so forth, will require larger trucks and dollies and will incur additional shipping charges. The most common way that furniture is shipped these days is on pallets. This means that your furniture is held securely in place and moved slowly and orderly so as not to cause damage to your possessions. Smaller pieces can be hand-picked and shipped in boxes or crates, which will cost less because they don’t have to use dollies or trucking equipment.

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Do your homework – While many companies promise cheap furniture shipping rates, it’s important that you do some research first before you commit to any furniture delivery company. Read reviews online about the company. Determine whether they are experienced with their own shipments, or outsourcing their work. Ask for quotes on moving packages and see if they offer free consultations to evaluate your needs.

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Choose a reliable company – There are plenty of moving companies out there who do good work, but some specialize in moving individual items and others who only transport furniture. Take the time to find out which furniture delivery specialists are the most reputable. Find out how long they’ve been in business, and whether or not they have been in a position to deliver furniture to new home customers. For larger, more personal moves, look for a company that specializes in both moving people and furniture.

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Use the internet to save time – Using the internet to schedule your furniture delivery can save you time and energy. Many furniture moving companies have online calculators that will give you a rough estimate on how much your furniture will cost. This is helpful in situations where you need to know how much your furniture will cost, but don’t have all the information needed to make an informed decision. If you aren’t comfortable putting items in boxes, look up your local supplier to get a quote on where your furniture would go. Don’t forget that the price quoted is only the starting point; the final bill will be affected by what the company will charge for packing, relocating and any high-end repair work. You’ll also need to account for this expense when you calculate your final bill.

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Make sure that you have everything in hand before the truck arrives – Make sure you’ve arranged all of your furniture and packaging materials well in advance of the arrival date. The last thing you want is to realize you’ve forgotten a box or need to make last minute adjustments to your order. Having everything in place will also ensure that your furniture delivery is on time, and that your truck will arrive in a safe condition. A well prepared, carefully packed piece of furniture will make moving day easier and less stressful and will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and delays. Follow these few tips, and you should have no problem getting your furniture to its new home safely and quickly.