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If your home is filled with old furniture, then maybe it is time to consider relocating it yourself. Furniture can be heavy and hard to move. What if you don’t know how to move it? You are not alone. Here is some Furniture Moving Tips for Newbies:

As with other types of moving goods, the key to successful Furniture Moving is in calling all the proper parties beforehand. The people you are moving your Furniture to will depend on what type of items you have there. If you have a couch, there is a simple way to tell if you should use a professional moving crew or if you should attempt the move yourself: is the couch still warm? If it is cold to the touch, then chances are you should call a local moving company to move your couch by yourself. Long Hauling Services such as movers that make use of refrigeration is an affordable furniture moving Louisiana business that often does what they promise.

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Keep in mind that if you have valuable items, such as electronics, that you must protect them during the entire relocation process. This includes electronics that are in their own cases, but that are also in sensitive areas such as upholstery, baseboards, or corners where they may be vulnerable to damage from tools, equipment, and fluids. You may even want to consider packing your most valuable belongings in boxes rather than packing them individually. There are many companies that offer moving services that specialize in furniture moving Vinton and Louisiana.

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Once you have chosen which moving service you want to work with, make sure that the company you choose has proper insurance coverage for your possessions in the event of any damages or losses during transportation. Moving companies will generally put either flood insurance or smoke damage insurance in the box with your furniture, depending on the type of goods that you are shipping. Furniture, art pieces, or jewelry may not be covered by standard household insurance. Be sure to find out ahead of time if your belongings are LA to move into your new home with.

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The next step in moving your furniture is to pack it carefully so that nothing is damaged during the move. Move over large, bulky items like beds and dressers. Use heavy duty tape to secure all sides and the tops of furniture pieces; you don’t want to be delivering boxes back and forth to the storage facility. Make sure all boxes are tightly sealed and marked so you know what goes where.

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If there are small items in your dresser or other small spaces, then do not throw them away before you move them. Instead, save them until you have unpacked everything in your new home. You may have to find a way to hide the dresser drawers while transporting it, but that can usually be done. Once you have unpacked everything, you can place the dresser in its temporary storage area to be picked up when your furniture arrives at your new home.

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When you finally reach your destination, remove all items from their packaging and lay everything out on the ground in front of the moving truck. Close off the area around the truck and any doors or windows. Seal up the doors and windows, including the gas valve, and use a strong adhesive to hold down the foam wrapping. Wrap the foam around all edges to ensure no moisture can enter through the gaps.

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The sooner you start planning your move the more prepared you will be, both mentally and physically. You should also contact your relocation company as soon as possible, especially if you haven’t started packing yet. They can then help to fill out all the appropriate forms and have someone start packing your things for you. Furniture movers are excellent resources when it comes time to relocate your family to a new house or office.