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Moving and storage are inevitable aspects of any successful move. People always look for extra storage space not only for reasons of convenience. If you’re moving with the family to a whole new house, having some extra space in the attic to store your moving stuff can be quite a good idea. Or, if you’re a business owner moving from one office to another, temporary storage in your basement or garage would be ideal.

But what about when you move to a completely new home? People always look for temporary storage units to store their personal belongings during this transition period. In fact, even long-distance mover companies provide temporary storage for their customers. Whether you need a place to store your belongings during your off-site move or need a safe, dry and protected place to store your valuables while you’re in a new home is dependent on the type of move you make. Here’s how to choose the right storage for your move.

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Determine the size of the moving and storage container that you need based on the estimated size of the moving truck, your local moving company’s standards, and your local moving costs. This will determine your starting point. Then calculate the actual distance that you’ll need to travel to get to the storage container.

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Contact several movers before making your final decision. Find out how long they’ve been in business, and talk with them about the various services they provide. Find out if they’ll provide a quote based on your needs and timeframe for the residential move. Find out if their rates include storage fees and other charges. Contact each company and ask for quotes.

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Check with your insurance provider. Insurance companies require certain minimum standards for moving and storage. Some require that your belongings are insured during both the residential move and the movers’ arrival. Others only cover belongings being moved within a specific distance. Find out what your moving company requires in order to comply with your insurance company’s rules.

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Pick a reputable company. When you’re considering two men, one of them can’t hold your possessions. It’s critical that you trust the man who’s packing and transporting your belongings. A good tip: request a list of documents from the movers and a list of documents from the storage facility. Ask the movers to put these items in the truck under your name. If they don’t, ask them to leave them with someone else.

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Rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate-controlled storage units are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. They are better suited to your moving process than self-storage, as climate-controlled storage is Walroyrature-controlled, and many have multiple levels with multiple rooms or areas. Climate-controlled storage helps you minimize risk of damage or loss of property.

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There are many options for moving and storage in your local area. The best way to choose the appropriate solution is to talk to two men who have done this before. Ask them about the options, how long it takes, and the price. The right move is the one that best meets your needs and your budget.