Living in Spring, Texas? Things To Know Before Moving
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Are you thinking of living in Spring, Texas? Before you decide and start packing your bags, you should know a few essential things that Heaven on Earth has prepared in this guide. With its growing economy, attractive parks, and thriving culture, Spring, Texas, combines experiences and opportunities uniquely. Let’s discover what makes this, a great place to live and why it can be the ideal location for your next move.

What county is Spring, Texas, in?

Spring, Texas, is a thriving community that combines suburban elegance and metropolitan convenience. It is located in Harris County, with a portion of its boundaries extending into Montgomery County. Located a little to the north of Houston, Spring has the advantage of being close to the busy metropolis without sacrificing its unique character or sense of community.

Is Spring, Texas, a good place to live?

The harmonic blend of lifestyles in Spring, Texas, is what makes living there so alluring. Residents enjoy the peace of the suburbs mixed with easy access to Houston’s urban facilities. Living in Spring, Texas, is an attractive option for many individuals and families, regardless of their motivations—career progression, more education, or a change of scenery. Whether Spring, Texas, is a good fit for a person’s lifestyle depends on their values and interests.

Cost of Living in Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas, is usually considered to have a moderate cost of living compared to many other American cities. With an average price of living of $2135, Spring is among the most expensive cities in the world. The cost of living in Texas varies according to the area you look at. The average cost of a home is usually in the low $300s, around $25,000 less than the average cost in different parts of the country.

Grocery, utilities, transportation, and medical costs are all generally within the national average, which makes Spring a desirable choice for people seeking a balance between price and standard of living. Although individual circumstances may affect the cost of living in Spring, Texas, it is usually reasonable and competitive compared to many other regions in the nation.


The way of life in Spring, Texas, is a well-balanced mix of suburban peace and lively community spirit. Families can enjoy a secure and friendly atmosphere in family-friendly communities, and outdoor enthusiasts can find plenty of parks, trails, and other outdoor areas. Festivals and community activities unite locals and promote a strong sense of community and unity.


In Spring, Texas, there is a significant emphasis on academic achievement and student accomplishment, making education a highly regarded institution. Numerous respectable school districts, including the Klein Independent School District (ISD) and the Spring Independent School District (ISD), serve the area. These school districts provide families with various options to fulfill their children’s educational needs by offering a range of academic programs, such as regular public schools, charter schools, and private schools.

Lone Star College is a comprehensive community college with a broad range of associate degrees, workforce training programs, and continuing education courses. For students pursuing different career pathways or looking to transfer to four-year universities, the college offers accessible and reasonably priced higher education possibilities.

Parks and Outdoor Activities

With so many parks and outdoor activities, Spring, Texas, offers locals and visitors plenty of chances to enjoy the scenery, remain active, and relax. Several famous parks and outdoor locations for springtime include:

  • Spring Creek Greenway: Spring Creek Greenway is one of the country’s most significant urban nature preserves. It has more than 40 miles of paths for bicyclists, hikers, and horseback riders that meander through riparian areas, wetlands, and forests beside Spring Creek.
  • Pundt Park: This picturesque park, which is located against the banks of Spring Creek, offers picnic spaces, playgrounds, hiking and mountain bike routes, and a dog park.
  • Meyer Park: Meyer Park is a well-liked outdoor leisure area with a range of features, such as sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, a lake for fishing, and paths for jogging, walking, and birdwatching.
  • Collins Park: Collins Park is a peaceful green area that offers outdoor leisure and relaxation opportunities. It has a fishing lake, walking trails, picnic spaces, and a disc golf course.
  • Mercer Botanic Garden: The 60 acres of exquisitely designed grounds at Mercer Botanic Garden are home to a varied collection of native and exotic plant species. The gardens also have educational activities for guests of all ages, walking pathways, and a butterfly garden.

Job Market

The labor market in the city, is solid and diverse, with opportunities spanning several sectors and industries. Spring enjoys the advantages of the Greater Houston metropolitan area’s thriving economy, fueled by essential sectors like healthcare, energy, manufacturing, technology, and professional services.


In the spring, Texas experiences hot, humid summers and moderate winters, which are characteristic of a humid subtropical climate. The summer months in Spring, Texas, are hot and muggy, with average highs in the mid-80s to mid-90s Fahrenheit. Spring experiences moderate, brief winters, with average highs in the 40s to 60s Fahrenheit.

Texas experiences moderate to substantial rainfall year-round, with March and June being the rainiest months. Throughout the spring and summer, thunderstorms are frequent and can occasionally bring with them gusty winds, lightning, and torrential downpours.

Is Spring, Texas, safe?

You are probably asking: “What is the crime rate in Spring, Texas?” Concerning Texas, Spring’s crime rate exceeds 77% of all cities and municipalities in the state. Like any city, the safety can change based on several variables, including the area, the time of day, and personal circumstances. In general, this place is considered a safe neighborhood with a lower crime rate when compared to some other areas of the Houston metropolitan area.

Through proactive police, community engagement programs, and crime prevention activities, these agencies diligently strive to protect the safety and security of the local population. Even though crimes can happen in any neighborhood, Spring residents can take measures to increase their safety. Even if crimes are always committed, Spring, Texas, tends to provide a friendly and safe atmosphere for locals and tourists.

Pros and cons of living in Spring, Texas

Pros of living in Spring, Texas:

  • Affordable housing: Spring has reasonably priced single-family homes, apartments, and townhouses compared to other places in the Greater Houston area.
  • Robust economy: Spring has the advantages of being close to Houston and the variety of enterprises that make the area home, giving its citizens plenty of employment options and financial security.
  • Friendly environment: Spring is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, which includes many parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, in addition to its safe neighborhoods, well-regarded schools, and family-friendly mindset.
  • Outdoor activities: There are several parks and green areas in the neighborhood, and residents can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and boating on Spring Creek and the neighboring Lake Houston.

Cons of living in Spring, Texas:

  • Traffic: Like many suburban towns, Spring occasionally experiences traffic jams, especially on major thoroughfares like Interstate 45 and the Hardy Toll Road during rush hour.
  • Hot Weather: Summers in Spring can be hot and muggy, with high humidity levels and temperatures that often surpass 90°F. These conditions might not be perfect for everyone.
  • Flood risk: During periods of heavy rain, certain areas in Spring may be vulnerable to flooding, especially those close to streams like Spring Creek and Cypress Creek.

In conclusion, relocating to Spring, Texas, has various benefits and factors that people should carefully assess in light of their priorities and preferred way of life. For those looking for a suburban lifestyle with quick access to urban services, our movers in Spring are ready to help you move in this amazing city. By carefully weighing the benefits and disadvantages, you may decide if Spring, Texas, is the best place for you. This will ultimately guarantee a seamless transition and a happy living experience in this energetic community.