Commercial moving is notoriously tricky. It’s also famously expensive. But as a business, moving without professional help isn’t much of an option, especially if you need to move inventory or heavy office equipment.

Partner with Heaven on Earth’s commercial movers instead of risking your equipment with amateur movers or paying ridiculous service fees for overcharged professional services.

Heaven on Earth Moving Services, LLC has almost a decade of moving experience. We’ve streamlined the commercial moving process, taming one of the most complicated moving projects in the industry.

Our dedicated movers will handle the logistics and quickly and safely move your business into the future. All you need to do is contact us for full-service commercial moving services.

Full-Service Commercial Moving Company

A full-service commercial moving company is the answer to all your commercial moving woes. Instead of dealing with dozens of moving parts, long downtimes, and expensive truck hires, we’ll take care of every part of the move and allow you time to grow your business.

We’re equipped to handle the following:

  • Small Commercial Moving: If you’re a small business that needs help moving desks, chairs, and file cabinets, we’ve got you covered. We’ll relocate your office equipment quickly, ensuring to account for all the smaller items with a detailed inventory.
  • Large Commercial Moving: For larger companies who need help with more oversized items, we’ve also got effective moving solutions. We’ll quickly move all your large items while keeping them safe with protective gear. No matter how many teams you need, we’ve got enough.
  • Deliveries: We’re also available to handle all your commercial deliveries.

Our commercial moving services are extensive and dedicated. But they’re also super simple.

What To Expect When Moving With Us

We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify commercial moving. We’ve taken much of the complexity from the process and replaced it with reliable systems we’ve tested over almost ten years of service.

Here’s what to expect from our commercial moving service:

  1. Request A Call: Give us a call or get a quote on our website. We’ll answer any questions about the moving process and ease you through the jargon.
  2. Confirm The Moving Date: Next, we’ll pencil in your move and open a time slot that suits your needs. We’ll start planning your move based on everything you shared.
  3. Pack & Prep: On the booking date, we’ll arrive to pack, inventory, and prep your commercial space.
  4. Load: We’ll quickly and safely load all your commercial property, making sure to account for even the smallest office item.
  5. Delivery: We’ll get on the road and safely relocate to your new office.
  6. Final Walkthrough: After unloading and unpacking your office items, we’ll do a final walkthrough and ensure everything is perfect. We’ll only say our goodbyes when everything is to your satisfaction.

Commercial Moving Services You Deserve

You deserve top-tier moving services that guarantee your satisfaction. Here is why we’re the moving company for the job.

Personal & Dedicated

Heaven on Earth Moving Services, LLC is dedicated to excellence. We ensure excellence by assigning a Relocation Manager to every commercial moving project.

They’ll manage the moving teams and ensure everything is running smoothly. The manager will also regularly update you on the move’s progress and be a touch point if you need reassurance.

Minimize Downtime

As a business, you’re goal is to make money. But to make money, you need to be available. We understand this and use all our expertise to ensure your commercial move is finished quickly. We’ll prep, pack, and relocate while minimizing your downtime.

High Quality Moving Services

Heaven on Earth aims to provide high-quality moving services. From our reviews, it’s clear we’re succeeding.

Our movers are some of the best in the industry. Members undergo rigorous training to ensure they provide only the best commercial moving services. We also background check and drug test our movers, so you’ll never have to worry about sticky fingers around your inventory and equipment.

We also only use the highest quality equipment and materials. Our packing and protection materials–boxes, wraps, blankets–are all superior quality, ensuring the best protection. Our equipment is also regularly serviced. We won’t cause any delays because of faulty equipment.

Affordable Rates

Average commercial moving service fees are very high, making it difficult for businesses desperately needing moving services.

Heaven on Earth Moving Services, LLC is here to help. We charge a flat hourly rate that covers the time and distance of the move. We have a 2-hour minimum and charge in 15-minute increments.

Our fees are competitive. We also pride ourselves on being transparent about our rates. We’ll always be upfront about the cost of your commercial move.

Professional Office Relocation Movers

Don’t let the struggles of commercial moving stop you from growing your business. With our professional help, it’s easy and affordable to relocate.

Give us a call at 337-489-6338 or get a free, no-obligation estimate. We’ll assign you a Relocation Manager to create a moving plan for all your commercial relocation needs.

Partner with Heaven on Earth Moving Services, LLC, for a smooth and secure commercial relocation unlike any other.