Shrink wrapping plays a crucial role in protecting your belongings during a move. It keeps your items secure and free from dust and dirt. It also helps to protect them against potential damage. With your belongings shrink wrapped, you can get that much more peace of mind during your move.

Of course, not everyone has shrink wrap lying around at home. The wrapping process can also be challenging, especially when dealing with irregularly shaped or bulky items. That’s where shrink wrapping services can save the day, making packing and moving a breeze.

Heaven on Earth Moving Services can expertly tackle the challenges of shrink wrapping for you. Whether there are items you can’t pack into boxes, or abnormally shaped objects that need a little extra protection, our team handles every job with precision and care.

Get Peace of Mind With Our Reliable Shrink Wrapping Services for Your Cargo

You may be tempted to save money by packaging and wrapping items yourself. But there are many risks involved with DIY shrink wrapping.

When wrapping your items, improper use of tools like heat guns can lead to you accidentally damaging your property. If you don’t know what you’re doing, going the DIY route when shrink wrapping for moving and storage can also take up a chunk of time. Rather leave it to the professionals who have all the right tools and knowledge to handle the job.

When using our packaging and wrapping services, rest assured that we treat your belongings like our own. We inspect everything to ensure its suitable to be shrink wrapped. If so, we then apply a specialized film to it before heating it with an industrial heat gun. The film will shrink and tightly wrap around the cargo to protect it.

The final step of our process involves sealing any holes or tears in your shrink wrapping. This ensures no moisture gets inside the goods while they’re being transported to a new location or moved to storage.

Shrink Wrap Your Cargo For a Safe Delivery

Working with the professionals at Heaven on Earth has numerous benefits, including:

Safe delivery: Our skilled employees carefully wrap each item. This way, nothing gets damaged during the packing or moving process. Your goods arrived at their destination in the same condition they left.

Knowledge and expertise: We’ve been in business since 2015. Over time, we’ve learned a lot and upskilled our team with training. They carefully handle your belongings every step of the way.

Peace of mind: Rest easy knowing that your belongings are protected during the move. Once shrink wrapped and professionally packed, everything is safe from dust, weather, and destructive conditions during transit.

Proper tools: We have access to the right tools and materials, guaranteeing that your items are wrapped securely and safely in readiness for the move.

Heaven on Earth offers competitive pricing on our shrink wrapping services. So call us today, and we will happily give you a free quote.