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Moving and storage is something that happens to all of us at one time or another. Whether you move across town or across the country, storage and moving are necessary elements of relocating. Storage is when you store your belongings temporarily until you can get them into your new home. Moving and storage can be an expensive venture for those who do not know how to effectively plan their moves.

Moving and storage has several elements that must be handled properly if you want to avoid wasting money and time. The first step is to carefully pack your belongings before you begin the move. You will need to have a system in place where you will store your major appliances and other large items, such as couches, TVs, lamps, and so on. Once you have your belongings stored, it is important to organize your boxes and place them in an order that makes sense to you and helps the moving company to transport your possessions easily.

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Many people make the mistake of storing their belongings in the same boxes whether they are moving across the country or just down the street. This can result in mixed bags that have not been fully organized. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by separating your larger belongings from the smaller ones. For long distance moving, you may find it easier to use a moving truck to move your belongings. A moving truck is an ideal way to protect your belongings while they are being moved and can also help to save space in the move truck itself.

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While you are in the process of moving your belongings, do not make the mistake of trying to cut costs by packing everything yourself. Pack everything in cardboard boxes or bubble envelopes, then tape up the boxes and put them in storage. Even if you are planning to store your belongings for a few days, it is not a good idea to attempt to pack everything in one box. Your new home will smell different, and you will likely get grease and other contaminants on your belongings during the time you are storing them.

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If you decide to rent a temporary storage facility for the period of your move, it is important that you know exactly what is available. You can get a much better price this way, but it can also be more inconvenient than storing your items at home. When renting temporary storage, make sure there are features like a security system, climate control, and even a phone line so you can contact the company if you have any safety concerns. The company may offer these services as part of a package, or you can arrange it yourself.

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In addition to renting a storage unit or commercial moving truck, you can also store your belongings in long, plastic containers at home. Since it will be kept in a dry, climate controlled environment, these containers will be much easier to clean when you need to. Be sure to check the locking mechanism of the container to make sure nobody is getting into the container while you are away. Keep in mind that you should never lock your belongings up too tightly. Loose-fitting lids are a good option for long, plastic storage containers.

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If you are relocating across a distance, you can consider packing your belongings in larger trucks or vans, rather than just a smaller truck or van. Even if you only have a small moving budget, it can be cheaper to transport your belongings a long distance than to simply store them at your current residence. Transporting your belongings can be much less costly than paying for a hotel room for several days. This way, you don’t have to spend too much money on moving day and you don’t have to deal with finding a hotel on a short notice. However, if you do plan to transport your belongings long distances, you may want to start looking into container leases to ensure that you won’t have to fork over too much money before the date of your move.

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When it comes to moving and storage, nothing beats having a professional help you out. You can simply call around to moving company offices to find out what they offer for moving services. Or, ask some friends who have used a moving service to find out which companies they used. Many moving companies have a list of moving services that they offer. Ask the companies that are on that list to give you pricing quotes for your entire moving process.